Yahoo Wins Motion To Declassify Court Documents From PRISM Case

/ 4 years ago


According to a report by the Daily Dot, Yahoo has won a motion from the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to declassify and publicly reveal information about Yahoo’s efforts to avoid becoming part of PRISM. The details surround a 2008 case in which Yahoo objected to being part of a government spying project with the U.S Justice Department.

Yahoo’s name has appeared in the famous PRISM leaked documents as one of the PRISM cooperators. Several weeks ago evidence suggested a company had fought PRISM in the FISA court but Yahoo was not allowed to disclose publicly it was them, until now.

Yahoo’s 2008 court case stated that collection of information violated the fourth amendment rights of no unreasonable searches or seizures without a warrant. Yahoo claimed that it never joined a program “in which we volunteer to share user data with the U.S. government”. That said Yahoo were forced to do so by the FISA court in 2008 and this latest revelation is likely to do good things for their image.

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Other companies expressed discontent such as Google, Microsoft, Apple and so on yet none of them actually took a legal fight to the NSA’s PRISM program like Yahoo did. Kudos to them.

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  1. Wayne says:

    Good on Melissa Meyer (I think, or at least I hope). Although she shares all women’s weakness of going on a shopping spree at the drop of a hat (of course I joke), she seems to have some backbone and stands up for herself & her company.

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