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You’ll Wants to Grab Super Mario Bros X 2.0 While You Still Can!

Nintendo is on the copyright warpath recently, sure they have a long history of DMCA takedowns, most companies do. However, this last year, as we build up to the release of their new console, it’s almost like they’ve been going out of their way to alienate every segment of their fanbase, in one form or another. It’s for that reason we think that many Nintendo fans will want to know that Super Mario Bros X 2.0 exists, so they can download and enjoy it before it’s e-nuked into oblivion my the mighty N.

“Play existing stages as your favourite characters – from Samus to Megaman! Even Snake and Klonoa are here! Or design your own stages and episodes around their unique abilities!” -Horikawaotane

We’ve all seen our fair share of Mario clones, but this one goes that bit further. Expanding and improving the levels, and allowing you to play as a wide range of characters, some not even strictly from Nintendo systems. Rather than the usual sprite swap, this version uses a custom game engine to allow you to play in different ways, explore the levels in unique ways, and more.

“Tons of new NPCs are on the way, but for now get a taste of Magikoopa, Maverick Thwomp, and more!”

Klonoa, Juni, Uncle Broadsword, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Link, Megaman, Wario, Bowser, Ninja Bomberman, Rosalina, Snake, Zelda and Samus are on offer here, with their usual ability sets for you to enjoy too. On top of that, you’ll find a level editor, meaning the fun just doesn’t have to stop.

Grab the download from the official website here.

Peter Donnell

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