YouTube Comments To Get Google+ Integration Soon

/ 4 years ago


Android Central reports that YouTube will soon implement Google Plus into the comments section of the website. The policy will see the current comments system totally phased out as Google transitions to a real name policy whereby every “commenter” on a video must have a Google+ account. This serves a number of purposes for Google. The first is that the push toward a real name policy on YouTube is expected to reduce spam and reduce the quantity of “low quality” comments – such as trolling and trash talking. Secondly, Google hopes the implementation will get more people using its Google+ service by essentially forcing YouTube users to use Google Plus to be able to comment. Thirdly, Google+ integration means for people that do actually use the service, people you know, talk to and that are in your circles will appear near the top of the comments list so you can see the most relevant ones.

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Google is also expected to implement other features such as improved tools to moderate comments before and after posting. Users can also create discussions on videos and limit theses to your friends or a particular group of people.

Image #1 courtesy of YouTube and image #2 courtesy of Android Central

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