YouTube Ending Support for Older iPads, Apple TVs, Smart TVs, and More

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As of this week, YouTube is ceasing support for many older tablets, smartphones, and smart TVs, with the first-generation iPad, iPhone 4, second-generation Apple TV, version 2 Google TV, and other aging devices that use the YouTube app losing its functionality.

Version 2 of the YouTube API is the build that is being retired. This iteration of the app was built into iOS up until version 6, so any device from this generation is susceptible to problems. However, though Google warned that any device carrying version 2 of YouTube would no longer be able to access the app from this week onwards, PC World reports that YouTube was still functional on a first-generation iPad, running iOS 5.1.1, as of Tuesday morning. A follow-up blog post from Google suggests that, although support has been pulled, the version 2 API could continue working for a couple of weeks.

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What can be done about this? Affected iOS devices will still be able to view YouTube videos through the mobile site, but Apple TV and Google TV users will have no way of accessing YouTube through their respective device. Any device that supports the YouTube app that was manufactured after 2012 will be unaffected. More information can be found on Google’s help page.

Thank you PC World for providing us with this information.

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  1. Also affect old video system console like Nintendo Wii, and other systems. I remember Youtube on Nintendo Wii and no longer working anymore. Sad news.

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