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YouTube Joins Netflix in Reducing Default Video Quality

Earlier this week Netflix announced that following advice from an EU commission, it would be lowering the default video quality for shows streamed on its platform. Seemingly accepting it as good advice, in a report via CNET, YouTube has now also confirmed that they have also adopted this strategy to try and improve user experiences. Well, more accurately, prevent any potential disruption as we all look for means to keep us entertained in Coronavirus self-isolation.

YouTube & Netflix Lower Default Video Quality

Now, there are a few points that we should clarify. Specifically, that all YouTube and Netflix have done is to lower the general default setting to standard definition (from HD). While you are still able to watch videos in higher settings, this is, however, something you will have to manually select.

Why they have done this? Well, based on Coronavirus self-isolation, with more people at home, the internet as a whole is seeing notable usage spikes. As such, by lowering the default quality, both Netflix and YouTube are looking to reduce the strain on their servers which, by proxy, should result in no major impact for the vast majority of users.

What Do We Think?

Honestly? It sounds like a very sensible idea. Let’s be honest, for those of us just killing time on our PCs or smart devices, the chances are (particularly with YouTube) that we either wouldn’t care or notice that the quality was slightly down. Better still though, it ensures that all of us have plenty to keep us entertained while we do our best to keep safe and healthy!

What do you think? Do you think this is a good idea? What have you been watching recently? Any recommendations? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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