YouTube not given special treatment in Pirate Algorithm update

/ 5 years ago

Following on from the news that Google would include the number of valid DMCA takedown notices in its search algorithm, Google has commented stating that YouTube will NOT be exempt from this like previously expected. Naturally, because of YouTube’s size, the freedom uploaders have and the controversy of uploading music and videos, it recieves large numbers of valid DMCA takedown notices every year.

However, Google claims that every takedown notice will be taken into account for the algorithm. This could mean YouTube listings get forced down in the Google search engine, although Google states the algorithm is smart enough to protect large and legitimate sites like YouTube. On the same note this should mean that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and others of a similar nature won’t be affected either.

Sites that will probably fall victim to this new ranking system include CyberLocker sites (similar to Megaupload), BitTorrent sites (similar to Demonoid) and other types of site sitting in that grey area of legality.

It’s reassuring to see Google has taken a fair approach to the introduction of this new system and most of you will probably agree they have made good of a rather difficult and awkward situation.


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