YouTube Has Paid $1 Billion to Rights Holders through Content ID

/ 3 years ago


Since its introduction back in 2007, Content ID has provided rights owners access and permission to either take-down or place ads on a video and make money off of views – and so far, it’s paying up big. The Financial Times reported this week that YouTube has paid out over $1B USD to copyright holders through the system forthe monetization of unauthorized copyright material.

There is said to be over 5,000 copyright holders who use the auto-detection system – ranging from TV and movie studios through to music labels. Content ID has since become a rather important revenue stream for rights holders – with many making big pay cheques off of YouTube viewers. The system is working great for the studios – but for many of YouTube’s content creators, it’s proven inefficient, inaccurate and at times, downright maddening. Content ID over it’s past 7 years of operation has repeatedly come under scrutiny for inaccurate flagging of material. With countless incorrect forced and automated take-down notices for content creators, as well as it’s inability to distinguish between parody, educational or commentary content.

When a video is flagged by Content ID for infringement – the appeals process is weighted towards the rights holder, which in turn makes legitimate appeals a difficult and often gruelling process to progress through. One things left for certain – major copyright holders aren’t complaining.

Thanks to The Financial Times for providing us with this information.


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