YouTube Plans to Introduce a New Paid Subscription Service

/ 3 years ago


There have been rumours of YouTube working on introducing a new paid subscription service for some time now, but there hasn’t been anything concrete until now. The streaming service looks to add a monthly subscription that would allow users to watch videos without ads, having the revenue split between YouTube and content creators.

The paid subscription service aims to boost revenue for both YouTube and content creators alike after CPM rates have dropped this year. Aside from the latter, a lot of people are using AdBlock nowadays and that significantly reduces the money income for those who are making a living from YouTube.

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There have been no subscription fees detailed just yet, but notifications have been sent out to content creators regarding the upcoming changes. The move seems to come after it was revealed that while the streaming service has an enormous pool of users, it is not making any profit at all.

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One Response to “YouTube Plans to Introduce a New Paid Subscription Service”
  1. YouTube company is very stupid to put ads on all videos! All ads must banned. Why? My friends told me that ads do have malware, spyware, etc can infect your computer without your knowledge. So watch out! Ads are sucks forever and must stop already!

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