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YouTube was Flagging Robot Fighting Videos as “Animal Cruelty”

It is certainly both well-known and documented that the YouTube algorithm is a strange creature sometimes. In fact, one might argue that it almost shows levels of human irrationality at times as it tries to filter out the content on the video hosting platform. Pretty much anyone who uses the platform has run afoul of it at some point or another!

In a report via The Verge, however, following recent tweaks to the system it has been reported that numerous ‘robot battle’ videos were flagged for displaying ‘animal cruelty’.

YouTube Flags Robot Battle Videos

We must admit that it’s rather sweet that essentially an AI would come to the defence of robots. This was, of course though, a huge error on the part of the algorithm.

It first came to attention earlier this week when users noted that a number of their videos were being removed. This did, however, escalate to strange levels when it was found that it was happening to multiple users who posted robot battle videos and, as above, the reason for removal being regularly cited as ‘animal cruelty’. Oh, and some were blocked as showing “cockfighting” too! (The kind with chickens before your filthy minds wander…)

What Has YouTube Said?

YouTube has been quick to confirm the error and believes that they have now corrected it. As such, any videos that were flagged by the algorithm should now be live again.

While this should get things back on track, let us hope that this isn’t some level of Google’s AI development starting to show signs of compassion to its metallic brethren!

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Mike Sanders

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