YouTuber Reveals 3D-Printed 1-Hand PS5 Controller Adaptor

While everyone should have the right to access video games, there is clearly something of a problem when it comes to disabled users. With pretty much all system controllers designed for people with two hands, what do you do when you only have one? I mean, it’s not as if there are many official products (if any at all) that cater themselves to those users. – Following a video posted by YouTuber ‘Akaki Kuumeri‘, however, it appears that they might have the answer!

PS5 Controller Modded for Use With 1 Hand!

As part of the design, the opposite analog (for the hand you’re lacking) can be controlled by effectively a single pressure pad that rests on the desk and loops upward (completely around the PS5 controller) to sit on top of the stick. To turn it left, simply move the whole controller (with the hand you have) in that direction while keeping some light downward pressure. This moves the pad which, by proxy, allows for what appears to be a surprisingly precise control of the analog stick. What about the buttons and D-pad though? Yes, that’s all covered too albeit this is possibly the point where things start getting tricky. – Put simply though, while clearly representing a bit of an initial learning curve, this does look to be an excellent solution for one-handed gamers.

Admittedly though, despite what I’ve written above, the design itself is a bit complicated to explain. The video below, however, showcases it exceptionally well.

A Great Design – With One Potential Flaw? (Nothing to Do With Its Creator)

While the design is certainly fantastic, and I’m not going out of my way to pick fault with it, there is only one potentially problematic issue I can find with this design. Namely, while it’s great for those with a right hand, what do you do if that’s the one you’re missing? – Well, surprisingly, and thanks to the PS5’s symmetrical design, there is an answer to that. – Yes, this concept can be modified for lefties!

In that regard though, I think that it would be fair to say that the design gets significantly more complicated to handle. – And please don’t get me wrong on this point. I’m 100% not criticizing the designer here. And I want to make the point abundantly clear that I think this concept is absolutely amazing. An unfortunate fact though is that most modern games just generally tend to use the left side of the controller (specifically the analog) for camera angle control while the right does practically everything else. I mean, how often do you really use the D-Pad? Yes, sometimes, but I’m pretty sure that, in the grand scheme of things, it’s hardly at all when compared to the buttons on the right.

With this in mind, therefore, I think this system would potentially, and maybe predominantly, be more useful and workable in the right-hand configuration than in the left. A problem that could be solved I suppose if the controller interface was flipped onto the other side (putting the D-pad on the right and the buttons on the left). Sony creating a controller like that though is (sadly) firmly within the realms of fantasy.

It is, however, undoubtedly annoying that the ‘official’ market for this kind of product is practically non-existent, and especially so for any kind of offering to left-handed users. With this in mind, therefore, you have to give credit to Akaki Kuumeri here for basically finding a workable solution, for both left and right-handed people, in what is clearly a very unideal problem to have.

Getting back to the positives though, the best news of all is that the design showcased here is entirely available as a 3D-printed design, and, presuming that you have access to one, you can, if you wish, try it out for yourself! – More than anything though, be sure to check out Akaki Kuumeri’s YouTube channel via the link here! – He deserves some love for this amazing design!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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