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YouTuber Creates ‘RTX 2090’ in Most Elaborate April 1st Joke Yet

Remarkably Convincing Replica

April 1st just isn’t the same anymore once most companies realized that it is a great marketing tool. Like any joke, it just isn’t funny when everyone is in on it. With the amount of April Fools jokes out there, it can also cause comedy fatigue. However, one particular joke stood out among the rest this year, and it is done by YouTuber Captain NA.

The joke is at the expense of NVIDIA as the Captain creates a very elaborate replica of an RTX 2090 dual-GPU video card. There is no Photoshop here. These are actual physical props created for the joke. It even comes in a box.

Furthermore, the Captain even removes the shroud to reveal a convincing looking PCB. Of course, the joke isn’t complete without running it and seeing all the RGB LEDs on the side. He then fires it up on his test bench, complete with three other RTX 2090 in 8-way SLI. I mean literally fires it up. You can watch the video for yourself below:

He even made his own fake ASUS RoG motherboard to run quad-SLI in. Simply Incredible!

Are There More of These Videos Around?

As it turns out he’s been doing this for two years now. You can actually see three other videos on his YouTube page parodying monster sized graphics cards.

The Captain also has a Facebook page where you can check out his projects. Make sure to subscribe and follow him for his future antics.

Ron Perillo

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