Zalman release CNPS14X dual tower CPU cooler

/ 5 years ago

Zalman in association with Bacata have announced a brand new CPU cooler. The CNPS14X is a 140mm fan cooler which features a single 140mm fan in the centre of the two heatsink towers as standard. There are optional mounts for two more 140mm fans on the left and right side to give additional cooling. The CNPS14X as you might expect boasts compatibility with every current Intel and AMD socket since LGA 775 and AM2.

The CNPS14X CPU cooler has a wide range of features and technologies such as:

  • IHD (Interactive Heatpipe transfer Design)
  • Machined all copper base
  • Compact design for midtowers, 160mm High, 180 mm wide
  • 6 dual induction heatpipes

Zalman claim the included 140mm fan is ultra quiet, churning out 17 to 21 decibels of noise between 950 and 1300RPM on PWM. There is included ZM-STG2M thermal paste which it claims gives temperatures 1 degree lower than Arctic’s recognised MX2 thermal paste. Pricing and availability has not been announced yet.

More here.


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