Zalman to market Nvidia cards

/ 6 years ago

The Korean cooling specialists Zalman were reported earlier this month to be getting involved with selling and marketing AMD graphics cards after leaked company documents emerged on Internet forums. Now more information has leaked suggesting Zalman will be a neutral add-in board partner and provide offerings from both AMD and Nvidia. Zalman is going to provide the cooling on these cards as this is what they do best and as you can see from the image above cards from both AMD and Nvidia will be fitted with Zalman VGA coolers.

The offerings from the Nvidia side will be the GTX 550Ti, GTX 560 and GTX 560Ti so Zalman are still going with the entry to mid range market segment. All the cards target similar price points i.e. HD 6770 with the GTX 550Ti, HD 6850 with the GTX 560 and HD 6870 with the GTX 560Ti. Although, the Nvidia cards are slightly more expensive and consequently give a bit more performance to account for that. Zalman will be showing off its new graphics cards more at the CES 2012 event in January.


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