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Zergotech Freedom Review – A Keyboard Split in Two?

How Much Does it Cost?

The Zergotech Freedom Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard is available right now from their own website. Prices start at $339 (USD), and the price remains the same for the Windows OS or the Mac OS versions with either Kailh White (equivalent to MX Blue) or Brown switched versions.

You can purchase additional sets of slim or tall profile wrist rests for $39, fixed palm rests for $39 or a bland keycap set for $39. You get a two years warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee on that.

Keep in mind you get the Freedom Ergonomic Keyboard, Slim profile sliders, Keycap puller and a set of O-Rings included in the box.


I’m sure there are a LOT of our readers checkout out this review just because it looks odd. Did you know there are keyboards out there that don’t have the word “gaming” in their product name or “RGB” as their tagline? Well, today’s a learning experience for you I’m sure. This is not a gaming keyboard as such, but for those of us who have to type massive amounts of text every day, so that’ll be me then!


I’ve used it on and off all week, and it truly is very comfortable to use. However, I DO game on my PC too and it’s a little bit of a mind bender for my usual stint of MMORPG gaming. It actually works really well for MOBA, RTS and FPS games though, as the layout doesn’t really stray for those key combinations.

With practice, however, it’ll come. This isn’t standard and it is a new approach, and you have to take that into consideration. I test new keyboards weekly though, so fully learning a new idea only to have to continuously switch would not be ideal for me.


I wrote this review on the keyboard, and while I am more comfortable, I do feel a little odd working on it too, for reasons covered above. It takes practice and I am getting more and more used to it by the hour. However, I am having to glance at the board a little more often, which is slowing me down a bit (at least for now).

It’s super smooth to type on, the keys have great feedback and they’re exceptionally quiet too. It takes a while to find the right angles, height adjustments etc, but again, that only takes seconds to change.


I’m endlessly amused by the sliding wrist rests too, I really like the idea. However, I’d be tempted to swap them out for full pads. I also don’t think they needed to include O-ring mods in the box, I mean, it’s awesome if you’re working in a recording or editing studio, but for my home office, it’s quiet enough already.

Should I Buy One?

I mean, if I had this keyboard ten years ago, it may have saved my completely shot to hell wrists and fingers. I haven’t finished a days work in years without sore hands. Regular breaks and exercise will still be king for maintaining your health at the desk. However, the Zergotech keyboard is really filling in all the blanks. It’s not cheap, but for such a well engineered, designed and constructed innovative product, it’s a small price to pay. If your life is typing, this can be the perfect tool for the job.

Zergotech Freedom Review

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Peter Donnell

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