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Zergotech Freedom Review – A Keyboard Split in Two?

It’s not every day we get to review a completely new brand here on eTeknix. Ironically, I spotted this product on a Google Ad banner on our very own home page and reached out to them. A small company has a partnership of investors into the start-up for a next-gen ergonomic keyboard design to relieve typing related pain. Something I can strongly relate to myself, my fingers aren’t as youthful and spritely as they once were. It’s not just an ergonomic design though, as this thing is fully mechanical, and packed full of cool and rather unique features.

Zergo Freedom Review – A Keyboard Split in Two?

It’s certainly not lacking in cool features either, with a fully mechanical design using the Kailh Box Switch Brown, easily the best switch Kailh produce at the moment and easily compatible with the other big names. There’s a funky sliding wrist rest configuration, that’s like something from an air-hockey table. Then you have the built-in “KEYKORTEX integrated programming module” which is just a fancy pants name for their macro system. You can even order blank caps to change up the default layout. Then there’s the 4-point multi-height adjustment and the obvious fact that this keyboard is completely split in two.

What Zergo Tech Had to Say

SEMI-ORTHOGONAL DESIGN. You’ll be typing at speed in a few short hours! Our unique layout is designed specifically to minimise any learning curve associated with new keyboards. We’ve changed only what we’ve had to, ensuring you have a familiar typing experience while enjoying the full ergonomic benefits. All keys are positioned for symmetry of reach for all your fingers.” – Zergo

“Quality and attention to detail define our brand. We’ve considered all aspects of build quality including materials, textures, components, and durability. We have even considered acoustics, inserting sound-absorbing foam within the keyboard to reduce key clack echo. The Freedom is solid and durable with no flex in the boards. The cables have double over-moulded strain relief ensuring the keyboard can support its own weight. The slider base is made of a proprietary anti-scratch tempered and textured glass for durability and maximum slide-ability for the life of the keyboard.” – Zergo

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