“Zombie Zero” Malware Starting The XPocalypse For Ageing Windows XP Systems

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The end of official support for Windows XP passed in April this year and since then Microsoft has warned of the security risks of continuing to use the outdated OS. Microsoft no longer issues core OS security updates for Windows XP users unless they have purchased expensive personalised support packages from Microsoft. According to Microsoft this makes unprotected Windows XP systems five times more vulnerable to security risks and viruses.

It looks like time could now be running out for Windows XP users as Security Company TrapX warns of a Windows XP based malware infection that is spreading rapidly among business XP systems. The malware allows cybercriminals to steal documents and sensitive data: a huge problem for businesses that run a vulnerable version of Windows XP.

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The Zombie Zero malware started in China after terminal scanners running Windows XP embedded were injected with the malware infection. This infection is able interfere with these Windows XP systems and spread the malware further with the help of a centrally controlled Chinese-based botnet. The security issue isn’t necessarily an XP-only problem but security firm TrapX notes that Windows XP systems are more vulnerable given the number of security exploits that exist for it.

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