Zotac GTX 670 Extreme Edition pictured

/ 5 years ago

Zotac is going to be giving its “Extreme Edition” makeover to the GTX 670 after having already done it on the GTX 680. Yet what’s interesting is that Zotac will simply be using an identical layout to the GTX 680 Extreme Edition but swapping the GTX 680 GPU out for a GTX 670 GPU, showing just how similar the two GPUs really are. Nvidia’s reference GTX 670 comes with a 915MHz core clock whilst Zotac’s Extreme Edition variant of the 670 has been bumped up to 1111MHz. The memory has also been increased from 6GHz to 6.6GHz, both these changes probably put the Zotac GTX 670 Extreme Edition close to or better than a stock GTX 680.

Power circuitry has also undergone some customisations, the two 6 pins have been replaced by a 6 and 8 pin to provide some extra juice. That juice is delivered by a 13 phase VRM using noise-free chokes and PowIRstage DrMOS chips by International Rectifier. There are also a trio of multi-phase FPCAPs and tantalum capacitors to provide additional power regulation. Other overclocking friendly features include an OC+ Module, a dual BIOS which is also LN2 Friendly, voltage measurement points, temperature and phase loading LEDs.

The cooler consists of a large aluminium heatsink with five 8mm heat pipes stemming from an all copper base, all ventilated by two 92mm fans. According to numbers by Expreview, the ZOTAC GTX 670 Extreme Edition comfortably beats a stock GTX 680. The reviewer was able to overclock the GPU 1403 MHz (1300MHz core /1403MHz boost) with a core voltage of 1.25V, and memory speed of 1850 MHz (7.40 GHz effective), with the stock air cooling. This translated into a score of P9247 points in 3DMark 11 (performance preset).

The Zotac GTX 680 Extreme Edition will be available for selected Asian markets.

Source: Expreview

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