Zotac Magnus ER51070 Zbox Barebones Review

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Final Thoughts


The Zotac Magnus ER51070 Zbox is priced at around £1000 which might seem a lot, but based on the performance figures and design you are really getting something special for that. We have seen mini-built PC’s retail for significantly more than this and despite the higher price not perform (or look) anywhere near as good. While you do have to supply your own O/S, RAM and hard drive, for a barebones system, this is pretty decent.


The suitability of a barebones system depends on what the purchaser wants to do with it. In this instance, the Zotac can easily be a multi-functional do-all system. It would eat up any general office or portable conference usage while at the same time living up to the billing of being a genuine 4k gaming system. The ease of accessibility to install the RAM and HDD of your choice is definitely a major plus.

Where to put it?

The design is fantastic and would not look out of place in any environment. In an office or as a portable gaming system, while the design is a little understated, its certainly in a good way.

Easy to use!

With the exception of the rather bulky power supply block, the general usage of this system is remarkably easy. While gaining access to the interior (with the GPU and CPU) isn’t overly easy, it isn’t particularly difficult either. Gaining access to the RAM and HDD slots is simplicity itself. The design as well lends it to being easily located or stored.

Great Performance

The overwhelming points I take away from this system is that it looks great and for having (just) a Ryzen 5 1400 powering it, does far better in benchmarking than I would have expected. While the Zotac Magnus ER51070 Zbox can be used for a variety of reasons, it genuinely is a small high-performance gaming solution.


  • Looks fantastic.
  • Very easy to set up.
  • Accessing RAM and the hard drive slots is simplicity itself.
  • Excellent performance figures, even at 4k.
  • Impressively cool and quiet.
  • Ideal for any situation.
  • A genuine 4k gaming system.


  • None


  • Power Supply is a little bulky
Zotac Magnus ER51070 Zbox Barebones Review

Zotac Magnus ER51070 Zbox Barebones Review

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One Response to “Zotac Magnus ER51070 Zbox Barebones Review”
  1. SIMON HANDLEY says:

    Hi there, good review apart from the motherboard is an Intel and the chipset is Ryzen, so what’s the motherboard?

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