Zotac Release GTX 650Ti Destroyer TSI Graphics Card

/ 4 years ago

zotac_gtx_650ti_destroyer_TSI_1Zotac has recently unveiled a brand new addition to its graphics card portfolio – the GTX 650Ti Destroyer TSI. This video card tries to combine the aggressive aesthetics of more premium graphics cards with the budget-orientated GTX 650Ti Nvidia GPU. The cost saving is done in part by using a single rather cheap aluminium heatsink block, a couple of 70mm fans and an aggressive plastic shroud.


On the PCB we can see it looks relatively bare but still packs a 4 phase VRM and draws power from a 6 pin PCIe connector. There is a factory overclock too, to the tune of 1033MHz core (no boost clock as the GTX 650Ti does not support this). The memory operates at 6GHz across a 128bit interface with 2GB of GDDR5.

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Unfortunately availability will probably be limited to the Asian region only with most of that being allocated to China. This is similar to Zotac’s policy with their Extreme Edition graphics cards which it also seems to only offer up to the Asian market despite significant interest and demand from the rest of the world.

Images courtesy of Expreview

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  • neilster

    128bit stifled?

  • Wayne

    Destroyer TSI? An unfortunate moniker.

  • d6bmg

    good, standard cooler design.

    BTW, nomenclature fail here.