ZOTAC Renders A Bonkers Hybrid Titan X

/ 2 years ago

ZOTAC-GTX-TITAN-X-Arctic-Storm-1With the upcoming release of the NVIDIA GTX 980Ti and AMD’s Fiji card(s), our focus has moved from the current most powerful graphics card; the Titan X. It now seems that NVIDIA have lifted or plan on lifting the ban on custom cooling versions of the Titan series.

So far we have seen only reference designs from manufacturers, but ZOTAC have recently released some 3D renders of what is to be the first custom cooled Titan X. The cooler will be called Arctic Storm and looks to be a hybrid water block with a basic AMP! fan and heatsink set up placed on top. It is expected to be a slightly overclocked version of the current Titan X that Zotac offer with clocks speeds around 1026/ 1114MHz core and 7GHz memory and a similar power input of 6+8 pin power connectors.

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ZOTAC-GTX-TITAN-X-Arctic-Storm-6ZOTAC-GTX-TITAN-X-Arctic-Storm-5ZOTAC-GTX-TITAN-X-Arctic-Storm-2  ZOTAC-GTX-TITAN-X-Arctic-Storm-4ZOTAC-GTX-TITAN-X-Arctic-Storm-3blownup

Zotac has not yet commented on pricing; I wouldn’t expect this to be cheap anyway. They have stated that this cooler will be used on the upcoming GTX 980Ti.

Would a hybrid cooling solution like this push you to go water cooled? Use the standard fans and heatsink and then add onto it later. Or would you prefer to buy a reference graphics card and then purchase a well-known brand such as XSPC or EK water block to complete the set-up? Let us know in the comments.

Thank you to VideoCardz for providing us with this information.

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  • mr2k9

    That backplate… yucks..

    • Wally

      take it off, sand it down, remount ?