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Zotac Unveils its New Nvidia 2060 Super OC White Edition

Despite the fact that Nvidia is set to launch its brand new range of 30XX graphics cards tomorrow, it seems that Zotac still wants to give the ‘current-gen’ designs some love with them announcing the launch of its brand new 2060 Super OC White Edition GPU.

Zotac 2060 Super OC White Edition

The graphics card is, by and large, pretty similar to their existing 2060 Super model, albeit coming with a nice little performance boost. Specifically, one that takes the original 1650MHz clock speed up to 1680MHz. A small, but entirely insubstantial increase.

Beyond this, however, the graphics card remains pretty much the same. Same PCB, same Cuda core count, etc. with the only other exception being the new, and very bold, white coloring.

So, you may at this point be wondering why Zotac has bothered releasing this GPU. As above, it is pretty much set to become ‘last-gen’ technology within the next few days right? Well… perhaps not.

What Do We Think?

Despite the fact that Nvidia is set to officially launch it’s next-gen cards really soon, there might be a solid logic behind this release from Zotac. Why? Well, if the rumors are true, Nvidia is only going to start it’s 30XX range by releasing it’s high-end graphics cards first (3080-3090). In other words, their more entry-level(ish) aimed 3060 isn’t expected to hit shelves until around October/November.

With there still being plenty of gaming grunt in the 2060 Super, therefore, if this comes with a reasonable price tag, it could represent a great ‘last-minute’ bargain from Nvidia’s 20XX range and a really smart move by Zotac to squeeze just a little more life out of it!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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