Zotac working on 2GHz GTX 680

/ 6 years ago

Whilst at an AIC partners conference the General Manager of Zotac China, Mr Kwai, revealed that Zotac was working on what he called a “Godly” GTX 680 graphics card. The card is to be based on a non-reference design, so we can expect to see some custom VRM implementation as well as custom cooling: it wouldn’t be surprising if that entailed some kind of all-in-one closed water cooling fan hybrid cooler like we have seen from Zotac in the past, see image below:

The card is intended to be a chance for Zotac’s engineers to show off what they can do with a non-reference GTX 680 design. It will be ready in the mid-April time frame so around a month is still left before we can see the monster. Although, it is possible that these high performance cards, since they are being made by Zotac China, will only be available in China.

Source: QQ

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