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gta v teen wolf

GTA V Easter Egg Lets You Play as Teen Wolf

A YouTuber has discovered a previously undiscovered Easter egg in Grand Theft Auto V that allows the player to unlock the werewolf character from Teen Wolf. When we say ...

1 min ago
pc fan

New Malware Steals Data through PC Fans

A team of researchers from the Ben-Gurion University’s Cyber Security Research Center in Israel have developed a type of malware that is able to steal data from an ...

40 mins ago
Skyrim Endreal

Skyrim’s Total Conversion Enderal Features Hours Of Gameplay

Skyrim is a great game, offering many hours of gameplay as you create a custom character that could be a warrior, hunter or mage while you pick and choose your skills in ...

1 hour ago
Game Of Thrones Xbox One console

Game Of Thrones On Your Kingly Xbox One

Ever feel like you miss out on all the good deals? Remember when your favourite TV shows used to air on the TV at 6, just in time for you to get home and enjoy them with ...

2 hours ago
The International Space Station is the first step to a solar system wide internet system

NASA Wants the Solar System to Have Access to the Internet

Who remembers when you had to unplug your home phone to get an internet signal or get that else you got that annoying busy tone on the computer? We then welcomed broadband ...

3 hours ago

Microsoft Loses Windows 10 Update Case – Woman Wins $10K

I'm sure many of our readers have been down the Windows 10 update route, some of you by choice, some of you had your hands forced when your system updated its self, often ...

5 hours ago
Torbjörn's turrent is a little too powerful

Blizzard is Nerfing Torbjörn’s Turret on Consoles

When it comes to competitive gameplay, balance is key. With everything from weapons to abilities changing how a character feels and plays, making sure that no one ...

7 hours ago
social media could be scanned using the same technology that checks for copyright infringment

Google May Use Copyright Scanners to Check Extremist Speech

In the wake of recent events, people are shouting for companies to be more responsible and active in finding and tracking down extremist speech on their sites. People post ...

8 hours ago
tesla shanghai factory

Tesla Wants to Build a Massive Factory in China

Since the upcoming Tesla Model 3 is facing such an incredible demand, Elon Musk's company has decided that it's time to build a brand new factory, and it looks like this ...

9 hours ago
battlefield 1

Battlefield 1’s Alpha Build Suggests DirectX 12 Support

Just in case you're not already aware, Battlefield 1 is currently going through a closed multiplayer alpha phase that gave us an opportunity to find out more about its ...

10 hours ago
iOS 10 won't collect data if you dont want it to

iOS 10 Won’t Collect Data If You Don’t Want It To

These days the whole decision behind companies and software comes down to as simple a thing as their policies and in that regard Apple seems to be taking on Microsoft by ...

13 hours ago

Chrome Bug Makes Pirating Movies Easy

More and more Hollywood is having to battle pirates. Not the kind with eye patches and wooden legs but the kind that wants to see every movie and TV series online just ...

14 hours ago
Rolls-royce remote controled ship

Rolls-Royce Wants Remote Controlled Ships

We've all experienced the joy of remote controlling a little toy car, and more recently the drones that now fly the sky are just an extension of that joy. It would seem ...

14 hours ago

Chillblast Fusion Wolf 2 GTX 1080 Gaming PC Review

Introduction Now that the GTX 1080 has finally been unleashed, system integrators are upgrading their comprehensive catalogue to include the very latest ...

15 hours ago
AMD Radeon WattMan 1

AMD RX 480 Overclocking Tool Revealed

As part of the new Crimson Edition drivers, AMD has been taking the time to revamp their software. Dubbed Radeon Software, the new software suite aims to replace the ...

16 hours ago
Gigabyte Extreme Gaming GTX 1070

Gigabyte Releases GTX 1070 XTREME GAMING

Even as GTX 1070 stocks are having trouble keeping up with demand, AIB partners are not afraid to add even more SKUs to the lineup. After launching the Founders Edition ...

16 hours ago

No Man’s Sky’s Extra Development Time “Genuinely Going Well”

Were it not for a last-minute delay, the much-hyped space explorer No Man’s Sky would have been released by now. Developer Hello Games was granted extra time to polish ...

1 day ago
chrome exploit

Chrome Exploit Makes Video Piracy Easy

Security researchers have found an exploit in the DRM system of Google’s Chrome browser that makes it easy for pirates to rip encrypted videos straight from the ...

1 day ago
Magnified illustration with the word Social Media on white background.

US Customs Wants to Friend You on Social Media

When it comes to social media, it's hard to find someone who hasn't got an account these days. From the casual chats of Facebook to the business links of LinkedIn, people ...

2 days ago

Netflix Might Implement Offline Viewing by This Year’s End

Netflix, one of the world's most renowned providers of streaming films and TV series, might finally implement a feature that's been requested by users for a long time. ...

2 days ago

The FBI is Allowed to Hack Anyone Anywhere!

When it comes to questionable legal practices, the FBI almost has a storybook written on it. From their part in the PRISM program, monitoring and tracking people from all ...

2 days ago

Cherry Stream 3.0 Low-Profile Keyboard Review

Introduction When you think of the name Cherry, you no doubt immediately think of their fantastic Cherry MX switches, used worldwide in the majority of high-end ...

2 days ago
cs go

Valve Sued Over CS:GO Gambling

Game developer Valve is being sued for supporting an "illegal online gambling market" within popular first-person shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The ...

2 days ago

Sony and Nintendo Rejected Microsoft’s Joint Console Plan

Before Microsoft began work on its first console, the DirectX Box – later to become known by the more familiar moniker Xbox – the company approached both Nintendo and ...

2 days ago

Is Nioh More Difficult Than Dark Souls?

Back in the day, games used to be much more difficult, and gamers needed plenty of patience in order to complete them. Nowadays, only a select few titles can give hardcore ...

2 days ago