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Gigabyte Previews X99 Motherboards Ahead of Computex

With Broadwell-E almost upon us, motherboard vendors have been busy getting ready. While Broadwell-E will be compatible with current X99 LG A 2011-3 motherboards, the new ...

11 hours ago

MSI Teases X99A XPOWER Gaming Titanium

Not one to be left behind, MSI is making sure they're ready for Broadwell-E. Set to arrive shortly, the new CPU lineup brings the first consumer deca-core CPU in the form ...

12 hours ago

Crytek Voices Concerns over Async Compute

With the advent of DirectX 12, both GPU and game developers are slowly learning how to fully exploit the new API, with most – NVIDIA especially – running into problems ...

14 hours ago
nvidia geforce

NVIDIA GeForce 368.22 WHQL Driver Released – Optimised for Overwatch

NVIDIA has released its new GeForce 368.22 WHQL driver, which is optimised for Overwatch, War Thunder, and World of Tanks. NVIDIA GeForce 368.22 WHQL driver release ...

15 hours ago

You Can Now Browse the Internet with a NES

Who’d have thought, back in the Eighties – before the World Wide Web was even a glint in the eye of Tim Berners-Lee – that our humble Nintendo Entertainment System ...

15 hours ago
fallout 4 patch

Fallout Cascadia Mod to Have More Content Than Far Harbor

There are quite a few amazing mods available for Fallout 4, but most of them usually cater to the game's aesthetics and gameplay. There's nothing wrong with that, of ...

16 hours ago

Indie Developers Hope The NX is Powerful Enough

Nintendo's upcoming console, codenamed NX is still shrouded in secrecy and no-one really knows what their next home console will entail. While there have been numerous ...

18 hours ago

GeIL’s New Memory Kit Sports Innovative LED Technology

GeIL is a highly-respected manufacturer of various products including peripherals and computer memory. Throughout the years, they've unleashed a number of intriguing ...

18 hours ago

DOOM Fan Attempts to Create a 100k Demon Map

When SnapMap was revealed for the first time as part of iD Software's new DOOM game, the PC modding community was right to be excited, as creating our own maps for this ...

19 hours ago

TSST to Cease Optical Drives Production

The Toshiba-Samsung consortium entitled TSST is known for manufacturing a huge range of optical drives since 2004. Of course, the advent of affordable flash media and ...

20 hours ago
Terahertz spectroscopy could help doctors and airport staff alike find the materials others want to keep hidden

Airport Security Could be Helped by Terahertz Lasers

When it comes to airport security, people are always looking at new ways of protecting how we travel from devices and people who seek to harm others. One of the key parts ...

20 hours ago

The Stair-Climbing Wheelchair iBot Could Come Back Thanks To Toyota

When Dean Kamen offered the world the iBot, a wheelchair that could climb stairs, people were overjoyed by the concept. This joy was overshadowed by the $25,000 price tag ...

21 hours ago

Fitbit Could be Getting Your Heart Rate Wrong

In this day and age, wearable technology can do amazing things. With people being able to check their emails and text messages with a simple flick of their wrist while ...

22 hours ago
fruit ninja

Latest Game to Get The Movie Treatment? Fruit Ninja…

It would seem that another generation of movies will seek their inspiration from another form of entertainment, our video games. With Warcraft already getting the movie ...

22 hours ago
League Of Titans 4

The League of Titans is not Overwatch!

Whenever a big game comes out, it inspires other games, giving us a chance to relive our favourite experiences over and over again with just that little unique twist. Call ...

23 hours ago
ASUS ROG GTX 1080 Nvidia

ASUS Teases New ROG Pascal GPUs

After launching earlier this month, the GTX 1080 Founders Edition are set to drop later this week. While those appear to be selling well, many customers are likely holding ...

24 hours ago
AMD Bristol Ridge Pre-Launch Pre-Announcement GTC 1

AMD Bristol Ridge APU Lineup Leaked

Ever since the launch of the APU back in 2011, both AMD and Intel have continued down this path. While CPU performance hasn't grown much, the iGPU side of the chips ...

1 day ago

TteSPORTS Level 10 M Advanced Gaming Mouse Review

Introduction Tt eSPORTS are one of the leading brands when it comes to PC gaming, and it's easy to see why when they put out a huge range of new products each ...

1 day ago

Petition Wants To Boost Doom Review Scores by Removing Bad Ones!

When it comes to a new game, aside from demo's and early access through systems like beta and pre-order bonuses, you often rely on the reviews and information you get from ...

2 days ago

What Happens When The TSA Fails At Cybersecurity?

Every week we publish more and more news about companies and groups that are attacked in the battleground that is digital security. Sometimes it's a large corporation such ...

2 days ago

Star Trek Beyond Trailer Destroys Yet Another Enterprise

To boldly go where no director has gone before... just kidding. When it comes to Star Trek, it wouldn't be a new film if the ship remained intact for the entire film, and ...

2 days ago

Five Nights At Freddy’s Sequel Scares With New Clown Puppet

What's scarier than one of those movies which aim to make you jump at the sound of a door opening? I would have to say when your minds over active after one of those ...

2 days ago

Bad Mirrors Set Solar Thermal Plant On Fire

When it comes to renewable energy there are a few options, from the power of the sea in tidal factories or the wind in a wind farm, your options are as numerous as the ...

2 days ago

Overwatch Team Brings a Childs Character to Life

When it comes to games these days, creating the initial game is only a fraction of the challenge. With the ability to publish and post opinions on a global scale at the ...

2 days ago
Light Rider

The Light Rider – A Metal 3D Printed Electric Bike

These days you can 3D print everything, from a new set of dice for your tabletop adventures to spare body parts. With so much we use being made of plastic, what happens ...

2 days ago