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Kirk Hammett Loses iPhone with 250 Guitar Riffs Stored Within

Whoops doesn’t even cover this one, as legendary metal heads Metallica are preparing their 10th studio album, it has been revealed the Kirk Hammett lost vast amounts of ...

1 hour ago

Grand Theft Auto V Update 2 Now Available

Rockstar has just released the latest update for Grand Theft Auto V. As we’ve seen since the game was released just last week, there have been a few bugs and performance ...

1 hour ago

TRENDnet Launches Three New Outdoor IP Cameras

TRENDnet has launched not one but three new IP cameras for all your surveillance needs. The first is the compact outdoor 1.3 megapixel WiFi camera, model TV-IP322WI. The ...

2 hours ago

Twitter to Re-open Unrestricted Private Messaging

We all know that the internet isn’t always as nice as we’d like it to be and Twitter can be the perfect example of just that, with people not always being the ...

3 hours ago
gigabye hwbot x99

GIGABYTE Hosts X99 Champion Challenge on HWBOT

It’s that jolly season that is upon us again, it’s overclocking time. Okay, maybe not that jolly, but interesting none-the-less. GIGABYTE is hosting the X99 ...

4 hours ago

Sharkoon Announces Two New SFX PSUs With 80 Plus Rating

When you build a small form factor system then you’ll also need a small power supply and it’s great to see more feature rich PSUs arrive. Today it is Sharkoon that ...

5 hours ago

BIOSTAR Releases the Hi-Fi B85S1 Motherboard

BIOSTAR has released another motherboard and this time it is a business rich option at a value price. The Hi-Fi B85S1 is an mATX motherboard built around the Intel B85 chipset ...

5 hours ago

Car Manufacturers Plan to Prohibit Home Mechanics from Tinkering

Car manufacturers are supporting new changes in copyright law that could stop home mechanics and car enthusiasts from repairing and modifying their own vehicles. A federal ...

6 hours ago

Android Wear Gets Major Update

The Apple watch seems to be getting all the attention recently, however Google announced today a major update to their Android Wear operating system. We’re glad to say ...

7 hours ago

GTA V – The Way It’s Meant to Be Played – 4K and Nvidia Shield

Introduction In September 2013, Grand Theft Auto V finally hit our screens, albeit via the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, consoles that I loved playing on, but which were kept as ...

7 hours ago
Patriot Ignite M2

Patriot Announces Ignite Series M2 SATA Solid-State Drive

Patriot Memory has launched a new version of their Ignite solid state drive, the Patriot Ignite M2 SSD with up to 480GB capacity. The M.2  form factor makes this drive ...

10 hours ago
Google Co-Founder Larry Page

Google Search Algorithm to Favour Mobile-Friendly Sites

From 21st April, Google will make a major change to its search algorithm which will favour mobile-friendly websites in its search rankings when viewed from a smartphone or ...

11 hours ago

Seven Top Modders Will Compete at the 2015 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational

Thermaltake invited seven of the world’s top modders to compete at the biggest international modding event of the year, the 2015 Thermaltake Case MOD Invitational, ...

13 hours ago

Sony Unveils Xperia Z4

Sony have unveiled the latest phone in their Z range.The announcement arrived on their Japanese website outlining the specs for the new device. The Z4 will have a 5.2-inch, HD ...

17 hours ago

Google Officially Launches Chrome OS 42

Google has recently released a brand new update for its Chrome operating system, which is meant to enhance its looks as well as its functionality. Chrome OS 42 features a ...

17 hours ago

Check Out These First Posters for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice!

The teaser trailer for Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice has already been viewed by over 20 million DC Comics fans on Youtube even though it’s only been out for a few ...

20 hours ago
elon musk book

Elon Musk Nearly Sold Tesla to Google in 2013

Back in 2013, when Elon Musk’s Tesla electric motor car company was on the verge of bankcruptcy, the business was nearly sold to Google, according to an excerpt from the ...

21 hours ago

Why the New Razer Blade is the Gaming Laptop to Beat

Why the New Razer Blade is the Gaming Laptop to Beat  With the advent of online gaming, we have seen a growing number of new devices introduced that are dedicated to suit ...

21 hours ago
mass effect shep

New Mass Effect Details Leak Through Online Survey

Details of the next Mass Effect game may have leaked due to an online survey that revealed plot and gameplay details, courtesy of a post by a now-deleted reddit user. The new ...

21 hours ago

QNAP Launches Cost-Efficient VioStor NVR VS-2200 Pro+ Series

QNAP already has an impressive lineup in their VioStor NVR series and they’ve just expanded with a new unit, the VS-2200 Pro+ series, available i a 2-bay tower form ...

22 hours ago

Norway Wants to Kill FM Radio by the End of 2017

Nordic countries are beginning to pick up the pace and keep up with times, more than ever before! According to, Norway plans to make the step to full digital audio ...

23 hours ago

AquaComputer Releases New GeForce Titan X Full-Cover Water Blocks

EKWB already released their take on a full-cover water block for Nvidia’s GeForce Titan X graphics cards and now it’s AquaComputer’s time to do the ...

1 day ago

Fractal Design Define S Full-Tower Chassis Review

Introduction Fractal Design is one of the biggest names in the chassis industry. Time and time again they’ve delivered premium quality products for the enthusiast market ...

1 day ago
the pirate bay

The Pirate Bay’s Fredrik Neij Not Allowed to Play on His Nintendo in Prison

Fredrik Neij, one of The Pirate Bay’s operators and so-called co-founders, is not only a ‘pirate’, but a gamer too. This is why he requested to have his ...

1 day ago
Cooltek GT05-3

Cooltek Announces Flip-Down GT-05 Mini-Tower

Cooltek is expanding their case series with a new mini-tower that comes with a unique flip-down opening system. The new GT-05 is part of new Cooltek gaming tower series and ...

1 day ago