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AMD Fiji Money Shot @ Computex 2015

/ 2 years ago

AMD R9 390 pictured

From a graphics card perspective, Computex 2015 was regarded as the NVIDIA show. The release of the GeForce GTX 980Ti just a few hours before the official start of the event and an impromptu breakfast meeting to show off the new unit. AMD, on the other hand, took a back seat and was reportedly waiting until E3 to show off anything regarding the new Fiji graphics cards.

It’s not clear whether this was planned from the start or whether they included this snippet due to how much hype the GTX 980ti was receiving. Early renders shown a GPU core with 4 HBM stacks surrounding it, this follows those renders quite closely; just with a much larger GPU core.

As we already know, HBMv1 is limited to 1GB per stack; despite rumours stating this card will feature 8GB, this doesn’t seem to be the case. However, looking at the image, AMD could have quite easily added an additional two stacks with the extra space.


So there it is, AMDs hopeful top dog contender that will smash the Titan X into last week, or so it would seem. Partners at Hardwareluxx has information suggesting that R9 Fury will be slower AND more expensive than the GTX 980Ti. These could be just rumours, so take them with a pinch of salt; I’m still holding hope for the new Fury card.

Thank you to TechPowerUp and Hardwareluxx for providing us with this information.

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  • Soloman

    4GB is still more than 3,5gb + slow 0.5

  • Jameson Rainey

    But HBM2 is double the Memory on the same foot print as HBM1