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Win an MSI X370 Motherboard & Cooler Master RGB Fans!

MSI X370 Motherboard & Cooler Master RGB Fans! Are you ready for another competition? Of course you are! We've teamed up with the awesome people at both MSI and Cooler ...

6 days ago
Meet the COLORFUL iGame GTX 1080 Ti Kudan, The World's Fastest 1080 Ti

COLORFUL Reveal iGame Kudan – The World’s Fastest 1080 Ti

The World's Fastest 1080 Ti Colorful Technology Company Limited is a name that are creating shockwaves within the industry currently. See here for some of their other ...

6 hours ago

Microsoft Rescues MS Paint

Yesterday, we brought you the sad news that Microsoft had pulled its support for MS Paint after 32 years. Microsoft listed Paint as “deprecated” in its Windows 10 Fall ...

8 hours ago
AMD Radeon RX Vega 3DMark Fire Strike benchmarks

AMD Radeon RX Vega 3DMark Fire Strike Benchmarks

RX Vega 3DMark Fire Strike AMD's Radeon RX Vega has been benchmarked using 3DMark and the results are in! Of course, it's still early days and the final production model ...

9 hours ago

Musk: Zuckerberg Doesn’t Get AI

Elon Musk thinks that artificial intelligence will doom humanity. Until the singularity occurs, though, Musk is having to fend off an even more formidable foe: his own ...

9 hours ago

Thermaltake Unveils Smart RGB Series PSUs

Component maker Thermaltake is releasing a new Kaby Lake Ready PSU series, all featuring a 256-colour RGB fan hub. The Smart RGB Series PSUs range between 500W and 700W, ...

10 hours ago
AMD reveals Threadripper Packaging and it's Very Special

AMD Reveals Special Threadripper Packaging

Threadripper Packaging We are all eagerly awaiting the release of the Ryzen Threadripper range, due to be announced shortly. However, whilst we wait AMD has unveiled the ...

13 hours ago

Astro A10 Multi-Format Gaming Headset Review

Astro A10 I'm a big fan of Astro headsets, and over the years here at eTeknix I think I've personally reviewed every headset they have made. Some clear favourites ...

15 hours ago

Intel Core i9-7920X 12 Core CPU CPU-Z Leaked

With every new launch, it seems like more leaks are available. After running a tight ship for years, Intel is starting to leak like a sieve for their upcoming launches. ...

16 hours ago

AMD Threadripper Will Launch August 10th

After nearly a decade long wait, AMD is truly returning to the enthusiast market with Threadripper. Earlier this year, AMD launched their new Ryzen processors. Based on ...

17 hours ago
Riotoro Launches Ghostwriter Classic Gaming Keyboard

Riotoro Launches Ghostwriter Classic Gaming Keyboard

Riotoro is announcing the launch of the latest addition to their Ghostwriter keyboard series called the Ghostwriter Classic. It is their most affordable product in the line ...

24 hours ago

New HoloLens Includes AI Coprocessor

Microsoft is including an AI coprocessor in the second iteration of its HoloLens AR headset. While still awaiting a consumer release, the HoloLens failed to land. ...

24 hours ago

Superman Needs Digital Moustache Removal

Warner Bros. isn’t even bothering to hide Henry Cavill’s appearance as Superman in the forthcoming Justice League movie. One element of Cavill that will have to be ...

24 hours ago

PCs Hacked Through Source Engine

A vulnerability in Valve’s Source Engine allowed hackers to take control of gamers’ PCs. According to OneUpSecurity, hackers targeted games such as CS:GO, Left 4 Dead ...

1 day ago

Windows 10 Ditches Paint

32 years after its debut, Microsoft is killing off its Paint art software. The program, which began life as a 1-bit version of PC Paintbrush, has been a Windows OS fixture ...

1 day ago

CS:GO Lifetime Matchfixing Bans Lifted

ESL is lifting some lifetime bans issued by Valve to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams found cheating. Valve banned CS:GO team iBuyPower for life for matchfixing in ...

1 day ago
Dying Light DLC

Free Dying Light DLC On the Way Thanks to ‘Strong Community’

For me, Dying Light came, I played it, I completed it, I moved on. It got a nod of approval but beyond that not much else. It was a fun, if slightly unremarkable Zombie ...

1 day ago
facial recognition

Facial Recognition AI Being Programmed to Find Criminals

Do you look like a criminal? If so, you might need to start being a bit careful. An AI is in development which, if found to work correctly, may be used to fight crime ...

1 day ago
Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Open Beta Gets Extended for 2 More Days!

Destiny 2 is looking to be one of the biggest Autumn releases this year. While the open beta has been running for a little while now, the doors seemed destined (see what I ...

1 day ago

Pokemon Fest a No Go Due to Highly Ironic Reason

Pokemon Go seems to have an army of loyal supporters. You apparently do have to catch 'em all. This had led the popular apps creator Niantic to host their first Pokemon Go ...

1 day ago
NVIDIA Releases GeForce 384.94 WHQL Drivers

NVIDIA Releases GeForce 384.94 WHQL Drivers

NVIDIA is rolling out new GeForce 384.94 WHQL drivers. This update provides optimal experience LawBreakers, ARK: Survival Evolved, Fortnite Early Access, Dark and Light, and ...

1 day ago

Intel Core i9-7960X Engineering Sample Geekbench 4 Leaked

This year, Intel is revamping all of their consumer lineups in a dramatic manner. Partially due to a resurgent AMD, Intel's Coffee Lake and Skylae-X lineups are a big ...

2 days ago

Colorful Releases 3 Budget M.2 and 2.5″ SSDs

One way to know that a market has become commoditized is when every company releases products for it. For the SSD flash storage market, it looks pretty close to that ...

2 days ago
Multiple Six-Core Intel Coffee Lake CPUs Specifications Detailed

Intel Coffee Lake Hexacore Lineup Leaked

The new Intel Coffee Lake lineup is just around the corner. Ahead of its launch later this year, more specifications have been leaking weekly. So far, we've seen a CPU-Z ...

2 days ago
Meet the Ataribox Games Console by Atari

Meet the Ataribox Games Console by Atari

A New Console by Atari Atari is a company with a rich heritage when it comes to Games Consoles. Of course, the first games console publicly available launched back in 1977. ...

2 days ago
Movidius Launches AI on a $79 USB Stick

Movidius Launches AI on a $79 USB Stick

Movidius AI on a Plug-and-play USB Stick Artificial Intelligence has long been a cloud based service, until now. Movidius and Intel, have released a plug-and-play USB Stick ...

2 days ago