• http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=759185788 Darko Milosevski

    Dude nice review, but it would be nice to include minium/average fps in your charts. Also since its crossfire review include % of scaling of the cards per game, and give opinion if microstatering is present (and is it playable or not). Hope my comment will help you in future reviews.

    • guest

      it would be helpful if you listed the actual settings and AA used in games. default settings means nothing.

  • headloser

    hi there,
    All i can say is wow. It would be great to compare with 7950 card single version.
    Plus it would be great to compare power and temperature since that is going to be affected by crossfire situation.
    I would love to see how the cooling part come along since the crossfire situation forced two card close together.

  • NotALawyer

    What drivers did you use?

  • Ratedzerohero

    this helped AMD sell me 2 of the XFX Double D Black ones… what great performance for $330… isn't another card near that price point that is beating a 580… none.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Martin/1258108688 Ryan Martin

    Power consumption would of been nice

  • Guest

    cpu speed?

    • Anonymous

      stock. If it was anything else, we mention it.

  • zx128k

    Very, very bad review these cards are about the same performance as the 6950 in CF.

    "Expecting the pair of entry-level cards to take on a GTX 580 was not something that was forseen and to say we’re astonished is an understatement." They don't in every game you did not test… they are between the 6950 and 6970 if you test alot of games. Basically all the games and benchmarks you tested are the only ones it does great in. I own the 7970 btw and have two 7770 in media PCs'. These are not that good and in newer games they will suck bad in CF.

  • Guest

    Having bought 2 cards based on this review and having used a 7950 and currently owning a GTX 480 I expected about the same performance just less heat noise etc. What I got was exactly as this review states great performance.

    3DMark 11 6974 P score, Heaven 1796 71.3FPS I own 2 Sapphire OC editions running on a FX6100 @ 4.6Ghz Gaming res 1680×1050. These cards are very good value to the casual gamer.

  • Destkus

    R7770 was used xfx black edition or super overclocked overcloked???

  • Notsureaboutcrssfire

    Im wondering if the settings on the Unigine were maxed out or was it just the resolution that changed.

  • steven

    I have a pair of Asus HD 7770 cards top oc and I think they are great for the price. I run 3 monitors 2x DVI and 1x DP and it handles them fine. I can play BF3 ultru graphics with antialiasing turned down a bit but really these cards are in my oppinion one of the best u can buy for the price.

    • OldManLight

      question, what driver version are you using for your crossfire setup. I have a pair of Gigabyte 7770’s that are the exact same card i’m attempting to run on my ASUS m5a97 r2.0 motherboard and the system crashes whenever install the current 13.4 catalyst suite. they both run fine on their own in either slot i’ve tested but can’t get them to work together. Any info you could provide would be appreciated.

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