BitFenix 5K YouTube Subscriber Giveaway!

/ 1 year ago
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With us producing more videos than ever, we want to give back to our loyal YouTube subscribers by teaming up with BitFenix to give one lucky viewer the chance to win 5 fans of their choice. To find out more, we invite you to watch the video below.

YouTube Preview Image

All you need to do is:

1 – Subscribe to eTeknix
2 – Comment below to tell us you’ve subscribed

So that we get bigger and better competitions each time, why not also share this competition page on your own social media (Facebook, Twitter etc… using the buttons below)

Winner Announced Here

Rules and regulations:

  • The competition is open WORLDWIDE!
  • The competition ends at midnight GMT on 20th May 2013 and winners will be notified within 7 days of the closing date
  • In the event of a dispute, eTeknix staff hold the final say and no discussions will be entered into
  • Delivery is not in the hands of eTeknix and can take some time to arrive
  • In the event that the prize is unavailable, eTeknix reserve the right to offer an alternative of equal or greater value
  • By entering this competition, you adhere to the above rules and regulations
  • Winner(s) will be announced on our competition winners page
137 Flares Twitter 19 Facebook 105 Google+ 8 LinkedIn 2 StumbleUpon 0 Pin It Share 3 Reddit 0 Email -- Made with Flare More Info'> 137 Flares ×

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139 Responses to “BitFenix 5K YouTube Subscriber Giveaway!”
  1. Nice fans. Good to see that the YouTube channel is being used again!

  2. subbed and liked :) good luck to all :)

  3. Jaime Brown says:


  4. Tuilalcaron says:

    All done guys, keep up the good work :)

  5. sushrukh says:

    Subscribed.Thanks Andy & Bitfenix. :)

  6. d6bmg says:

    P.S. good way to get subscribers in youtube, which will help you guys to make a larger community.. I like that!

  7. amgvilloria says:

    Sibscribed!! Thanks

  8. Lord_Omega97 says:

    subscribed a long time ago :D you, my friends are awesome!

  9. Bohs Hansen says:

    long time subscriber :) and amazing with the choice, makes it the perfect giveaway

  10. Belicov Alex says:


  11. Pocol Adrian says:

    All steps done

  12. tOm.Chii says:


  13. Dave says:

    All done a while ago, thanks for the chance.

  14. Subscribed, Nice to see a new channel, and hope i win a fan also. Thanks.

  15. Subscribe and shared on FB

  16. Subscribed :) Yeah Buddy!!

  17. I was already subscribed! Thanks :)

  18. NEED TO WIN THIS ONE good luck everyone

  19. Freakie says:

    Subscribed :)

  20. Inkie Squid says:

    commented here as well as under the vid on the youtube page…

    A tip for the future… since anyone can embed the video in any web page, you’re better off adding a link to the captions and saying ‘make sure captions are on’ in the video instead of ‘add a comment below [wherever] the video [is streaming from]‘.

  21. Jovar Gaylan says:


  22. Ray Witts says:

    Done and Thanx

  23. Wesley Monroe says:

    I want and I want. thanks

  24. Shane Edwards says:


  25. pavlos says:


  26. Chris Wells says:

    subscribed good luck all

  27. João Domingues says:

    done :D gj BitFenix

  28. I was already subscribed

  29. Momir says:


  30. Rosalind Sargent says:


  31. ghoul199 says:


  32. basebob says:


  33. Apsord says:


  34. Ilnur Kunafin says:


  35. garfield1234 says:

    Subscribed and watched…

  36. ThisGuy says:

    Been subscribed since forever! I always thought your name would be pronounced rough-el

  37. David Hurlbrink aka Haloxs99 says:

    I’ve subscribed! :)

  38. Subscribed!! Good luck all!!

  39. tates11 says:

    Subscribed!! :D

  40. Subscribed. Good luck everybody.

  41. ThomasRoss89 says:

    Subscribed! Excellent competition guys! Things can only get bigger and better :D

  42. kevin tan says:


  43. Subscribed! Excellent competition, thank you!

  44. Mandip Das says:

    I have subscribed :)

  45. Alex Bucknell says:

    Subscribed :D

  46. Max Clarke says:


  47. mrcapncaveman says:

    I have subscribed

  48. Ryan Swedine says:

    I’ve been subbed :-P

  49. I have subscribed. Thanks

  50. skorpien says:

    Subbed :)

  51. Kieren Denison says:

    Subscribed :)

  52. san says:


  53. subscribed…thanks

  54. I Have Subscribed, :D Goodluck Everyone!

  55. Francesco Fiorino says:

    Subscribed :)

    YouTube username: j4ck86

  56. kieran says:

    name: thekjbrown972

  57. Liam Doyle says:

    Subscribed! :’)

  58. Subscribed! Youtube user name: Nai Tutreaba

  59. Justmatel says:

    All done =D

  60. Paye says:


  61. Mad_Bull says:

    doooneee!!!! ;)

  62. milkydeathgrind says:

    Subscribed and ready to win!!!

  63. Daniel Ruff says:


  64. Yakumos says:

    Subscribed :)

  65. Granger M says:

    Already have a 230 Bitfenix 900rpm blue led in my Haf 932, 5 more would be nice :)

  66. I’m subscriber 4,444

  67. Norman says:

    I’ve subscribed. =)

  68. lance strikers says:


  69. Gurtej Singh says:

    Subscribed :-D

  70. ben young says:


  71. hammerhead says:


  72. Zeed says:

    Subscribed ages ago. Best fast new FB site around :)

  73. hammerhead says:

    Where is our winner? ^^

  74. stefan buddle says:


  75. Anthony Webster says:


  76. Myles says:

    I subscribed!

  77. kevin tan says:

    still no winner? o.o

  78. John Chuderewicz says:

    subscribed !!

  79. Costa says:


  80. Thomas Shore says:


  81. Guest says:


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