Dell Announces Venue 11 Pro 7000 Tablet PC

/ 2 years ago

venue pro

Not to be left in the dust, large-scale tech company Dell has announced the release of their new windows 8.1 Tablet; the Venue 11 Pro 7000.

Said to be similar in design to the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, the Venue is set to come with similar accessories and peripherals alongside offering a mobile keyboard and stylus out of the box. The Venue is being released with the Intel Core M 5Y10a processor (2GHz dual-core) and will be utilizing Intel GT2 graphics coupled with 4GB of RAM. There will be both a 64GB and 128GB storage model released. Both will feature a 10.8-inch touch screen with a 1920×1080 resolution.

Given the specifications above, this tablet certainly is no chump in the performance market – but it seems to be held down by its weight limitations. Users have been complaining of the announced 1.62 pound weight (730 grams) – some claiming “only a mad man would purchase this”. The Venue comes with a HDMI and Display port, as well as the ability to connect two monitors, a keyboard and mouse to the one device, but the weight is too big of an issue in our eyes.

Being released later this month, expect to see the Venue 11 Pro 7000 on shelves for around $699 USD – don’t expect to be able to say the full product name three times in a row without taking a breath though.

Image courtesy of Chiphell

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