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Dish Disables its Ad-Skipping Feature After Pressure from CBS

/ 2 years ago


Satellite TV reception provider Dish has removed the ad-skipping feature from its digital video recorder (DVR) box after a feud with network television channel CBS.

After Dish launched its “AutoHop” feature, which allowed users to skip ad breaks, it was sued by CBS, NBC, and Fox. Dish won every single case. Changing tactics, CBS decided instead to bully Dish into compliance, pulling content from Dish for twelve hours, leaving customers with a channel blackout. Predictably, Dish followed the money and caved, agreeing to disable the AutoHop feature for CBS shows.

In a gloating statement, Ray Hopkins, President of Television Networks Distribution for CBS, said:

“We are very pleased with this deal, which meets all of our economic and strategic objectives. We look forward to having DISH as a valued partner for many years to come.”

Source: Ars Technica

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  • DABhand

    There should be a rule set in place by the governing bodies that control advertising on TV channels. If people are paying for the channel in their TV packages etc, why should they be subject to Advertisements they don’t want to see?

    To be honest networks have gotten greedier, get the customer’s money and then get the advertisers money also.

  • HMan2828 .

    We have that in Canada.

    Networks use you like you would use cattle. No nice way to say it. You are meat on a bone for these rabid dogs. Nothing else.

  • Raji4Sharia

    Funny, the ad-skipping feature is the only thing that would motivate me to purchase Dish!