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First 20th Anniversary PS4 Model to be Auctioned for Save the Children

/ 2 years ago

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The first 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4, numbered #00001, is to be auctioned off by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ), with the proceeds donated to the Save the Children charity. The auction will take place on Yahoo Japan, starting on January 23rd, 5pm Japanese time, until 25th January. Whatever the limited edition PS4sells for, Sony will double the figure before donating it to Save the Children.

In addition, Sony have launched its own hashtag charity campaign: for every tweet that contains #ps_20th_love, Sony will donate 20 yen ($0.17) to Save the Children. The PlayStation Love Tweet campaign is meant to celebrate memories and anecdotes associated with the 20-year-old console.

Source: Dual Shockers

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