Galaxy Note Edge Set For UK Launch

/ 2 years ago


The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, given its experimental nature and bold aesthetic – the right-hand side of the device’s screen tapers into an arched curve – was far from guaranteed a release in the United Kingdom, but today mobile network Vodafone confirmed that the device will be available from their stores, though when and for how much is yet to be revealed.

In addition, other online phone retailers, such as Clove and MobiCity, have the device listed for pre-order, priced £540 for the handset alone. If the Note Edge’s novel design appeals to you, though, make sure you order early – sources at SamMobile suggest the phone will only be available in limited quantities.

Source: Engadget.

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  • Wayne

    Why? It’s not as though the rounded edge does anything useful yet, not enough to justify the hefty price premium. If I was a phablet kinda person I’d make the plain Note 4 mine but sadly, or happily I’m not.

  • Maysin

    A ain’t buyin’ one.