[Guide] Go Custom With The Cooler Master Eisberg Prestige!

/ 9 months ago

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Today I am going to show you how to go completely custom with your new Cooler Master Eisberg Prestige we reviewed here. This guide should certainly help you if you are new to water cooling and even more so if you have just purchased the Eisberg as a single unit and need ideas.

When I first got my hands on a Eisberg 240l unit a while ago I loved it. The 400 litres per hour specification made me jump for joy and the 5v,7v and 12v usage made me think it could be used with a pump controller such as the amazing Lamptron CW611. I looked at the compression fittings and the ribbed tubing thats so common now with AIO coolers and couldn’t help myself to start asking questions. Maybe replacing the fittings and tubes would be nice? Perhaps even a bigger radiator? Maybe add a large reservoir for much more liquid volume and give me a decent fill/drain? All these questions needed answering so today I took action and you guys can have a front row seat.

The parts I will be using come from very well known and respected manufacturers of liquid cooling parts. EK Water Blocks, Mayhems fluids and Primochill. Obviously there are many more manufacturers out there so what I will do is list the correct sizes and explain the function of these parts so it will help you in your purchasing decisions. If there are alternatives to the parts I’m using I will also give you a list of alternatives.

The skill level for doing this is moderate. If you have built your own air cooled system this will be a small learning curve. If you have built a liquid cooled system previously there may be a couple of tips and tricks here for you.

Since we are toying with liquid and electrical components here Eteknix in no way holds responsibility if you spill a litre of fluid on your mobo or poke yourself in the eye with tubing.

With this said Let us move on to the next page so we can get cracking!

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  • Matthew Humpherson

    I don’t suppose you have the temperatures of the stock setup compared to the new setup? I am interested to see how much difference the reservoir and larger radiator have.

    • Davetheshrew

      Hi Mathew. We did review the Eisberg 120l and 240l and give a full test. Since custom setups vary so greatly I wasn’t sure it would be fair to show a comparison. In saying that I will be testing more custom equipment here and soon :)

      • Matthew Humpherson

        Yeah I saw the other reviews and they seem mid range but the other hardware you added is much higher end so it would make an interesting comparison; probably not fair though as you said. When you say custom equipment what kind of things do you mean, you have sparked my interest!

        • Davetheshrew

          Well I have a few friends that make custom parts like fully custom water blocks, rad grills, lighting, sleeving etc and I have been a bit of a modder for a long while so thought a few guides and reviews here and there from the non mainstream side of computing might be nice for you guys :)

  • Myk SilentShadow

    Great read Dave!!! made much better, because you explained why you used the different fittings and because it’s your own personal build…rather than just someone going through the motions of “this is what i’m using, these x parts here is result” good read for liquid n00bs like me :)

  • Nikbear

    Brilliant article, so nice that it goes into detail of the why’s and wherefore’s of the parts you used, sad to say, but if you’re a newb like me to custom loops, the old hands can come across as downright snotty and far from understanding :-(
    This has really wetted my appetite to do this, and this article has gone someway to giving me the confidence to go for it!!
    Thank You ;-)

    • Davetheshrew

      Im extremely happy that this article made you feel this way. Infact this was the very reason I did it and thank you for the kind words. Many times Ive helped people only to be told they have been turned down by a ‘pro’. I hope everyone has a bit of a confidence lift and comes to the understanding a pc build, even water cooled, does not have to be a chore.

      • arron somerville

        hi dave i was considering buying a h100 backplate or something similar for better mounting pressure?

        what do you think? i just seem to think that it will get better temps and make slighly less noise as there will be no room for vibration

  • Bill Barnes

    This is an impressive article maybe Im te only one but I guess Ive never seen someone mix and match a cooling system setup like this and all very impressive products! And s you said the results in re: to not only looks but the cooling are very impressive!Thanks for a great article and guide! Have to keep this in mind for a later date may have to consider as a new project depending on how far I want to OC my next build!!

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