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pure-android was already shaping up to be a strange and wonderful idea, but now the developers of the hardware are saying that it will also be able to support Valves upcoming SteamOS, without interfering with its own operating systems. mixes linux and Android to create a gaming PC unlike any other, one that doen’t rely on Windows and that runs an interface that will be more comfortable for the mobile generation than the Microsoft generation. Now the company is saying that the system will be able to boot up SteamOS as if it were an app!

This means that users will no have to partition and drives, no hacks or mods to their firmware or hardware, effectively running SteamOS in a virtual console of sorts. We’re not sure how well this will work in reality, but I’m guessing the answer is pretty well, otherwise the company behind wouldn’t have much to brag about.

The question is, will anyone actually want to use the in the first place, or is it just too different from what everyone else is doing to be relevant? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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  • Alistair Hardy

    That is an amazing idea actually. i might see about testing the OS on a virtual machine to see how it actually feels to use. I personally like the vanilla android OS and i don’t think it’s too pad with a mouse (Asus Transformer owner here).

    On a slightly different note, typo, paragraph 2. Doen’t