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In-Win showcases open-system cases in CES 2013

/ 4 years ago

In an attempt to look unique, In-Win has introduced a limited edition D-Frame PC Case for $349. The piping is made from aluminium and the clear side panels are glass not acrylic or plastic that is used by default as a choice for most windowed side panels.

In-Win’s second case is called the “H-Frame”, an ATX enclosure with a different design that may not appeal to a lot of people, but hey! That’s personal preference. The H-Frame comes with three 3.5″ bays along with a 2.5″ tray. There’s another tray for a fan mount. I wouldn’t be surprised if the H-frame is also a limited edition case, although In-Win tries to make cases by thinking “out of the box” some of their cases still do have a good value for money.

Via: Anandtech

  • These to are definatly Differant! I would have to see more of them but if you want som hidifferant I guess this would fit the bill!