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Intel releases SSD management software

/ 6 years ago

Intel has released new software to assist with the management of Intel solid state drive products. The Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox 3.0 system software is recommended for use with all Intel SSD products and it gives users a lot of useful functionality and information about their Intel products. For example most SSDs have a limited amount of write cycles the NAND Flash memory can do before they breakdown and Intel’s stated write cycle lifetime for their SSDs is 5000 cycles.  This software monitors your Intel SSD for performance degradation, and provides a measure of how many rewrite cycles are left, so you can plan beforehand about backing up your data and replacing it. The software also provides a suite of diagnostics for your Intel SSD. Finally, the software can update your drive’s firmware without the need for a DOS bootable disk.


Source: TechPowerUp