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Lian Li Reveal Unique Looking PC-Q19 Mini-ITX Case

/ 3 years ago


The beauty of mini-ITX systems is that you can build them into unique and compact form factors. Lian Li’s latest PC-Q19 case is a fantastic example of this. With a sleek brushed aluminium exterior, a choice of black or silver and an upright design it looks perfect for a HTPC or stylish office PC.


Not only that but you can pack in some impressive hardware: an SFX power supply, three 2.5 inch drives, one 3.5 inch drive, a graphics card up to 8.6 inches and of course a mini-ITX motherboard.


The case can be positioned upright with the provided feet, or laid horizontally with the feet detached. This means it could easily fit in underneath a TV or inside a TV cabinet, or be a stand-up piece next to some floor speakers.lian_li_PC_Q19_4

Lian Li’s PC-Q19 will cost $150 and is available by the end of this month.

Source: TechPowerUp

Images courtesy of Lian Li

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  • gadgety

    PSU at the top looks like a high center of gravity = risk for toppling. From that perspective better if the PSU is at the bottom, ie turn it so that power button is at the top.