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Nokia EOS 41MP Smartphone WIll Arrive As Lumia 1020

/ 4 years ago


We have already heard rumours about Nokia preparing a 41 megapixel smartphone and now it seems we have a few more details about the rest of the smartphone. Firstly the “Nokia EOS” 41 megapixel smartphone is actually now expected to come to market as the Lumia 1020 according to reports. Furthermore it is expected that Nokia will host a press event for the new smartphone called Zoom Reinvented and this will be hosted on July the 11th.

In addition Nokia has just been filing for new patents that could be an indication of new features and capabilities to come for the device. Nokia just filed for the “Nokia Zoom” patent and WMPoweruser suggest that Nokia Zoom could be a trademark relating to a lossless zoom capability for the new Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone.

Nokia’s new zoom trademark covers “Mobile phones, smart phones, tablets; accessories and replacement parts for mobile phones, smart phones and tablets” and so we might even see a Nokia tablet with a high end camera such as the rumoured Nokia Lumia X.

Image courtesy of Markify

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  • Wayne

    41 MP camera? What do you wanna do with that… take pictures for outdoor billboards?