• Skidmarks

    I really like this chassis but the lack of a couple of 5.25″ slots could be a deal breaker for many, myself included.

  • Harry Kewell

    How is this a review? How does it compare in terms of temps? Noise levels etc?….Great overview by all means but as for review? lol

  • marty1480

    Really nice looking chassis with a clean look. Love the sleek lines. But taking the 5.25″ drive out was silly. There are still many times when one needs to load something from optical media. Adding an external device will just destroy the clean look. Shame really.

    • Allan

      True, there are times when you need a DVD. But you could just take the side panel off, pop in the SATA cable and drive, use the media then remove it again. I doubt the average user will need to install something from optical media more than once every few months.

      • marty1480

        True that could be done. But it seems to be a lot of trouble for what is essentially not a cheap case, while comparable cases have one ready to go.

    • Osama11

      Removing the optical bays allowed them to achieve that clean design without a door…

      You can also get an external dvd burner for $20. Who cares if it doesn’t have one. I haven’t used one in years

  • Baddog

    What about people that want to use custom water cooling, and would rather use a 5.25″ Bay Res, instead of a 150 or 240 tube Res, they no longer have that option

  • Fr33Th1nk3r

    I don’t want to use water cooling. Will this case be good for air cooling? I really really like red/black to go with my theme and I want a window and good airflow.

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