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$5,000 Mega Tivo Looks Like Rack Server

Every few months I get to a point with my Sky+ box where I realise I’ve got just a few percent of the storage remaining. Then starts the race, do I delete stuff I want ...

1 week ago

No New CPU Architectures From AMD Until 2016?

It looks like AMD have been taking the easy route as far as R&D is concerned, as the company doesn’t plan on releasing any new CPU architectures until at least 2016! ...

1 week ago
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Sapphire R9 285 2GB ITX Compact OC Edition Graphics Card Review

Introduction The popularity of compact graphics cards for small form factor systems has risen in recent years. This is mainly due to AMD and Nvidia making great strides in ...

1 week ago

Turn Your New Moto 360 into James Bond’s “GoldenEye 007″ Masterpiece

So you’ve done it – you bought yourself the new Moto 360 smartwatch from Motorola. But how about turning it into something special – something a secret ...

1 week ago

New Update to Google Chrome features Built-in Password Generator

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of account security just getting better across the web. Google looks to be tackling the big password generators like Dashlane, ...

1 week ago

Batman: Arkham Knight set for Release on 2nd of June, 2015

Two special editions of Batman: Arkham Knight are to be released on June the 2nd, 2015 by Warner Bros. and DC. There will be a ‘limited edition’ including an art ...

1 week ago

MSI X99S XPOWER AC (LGA 2011-3) Motherboard Review

Introduction, Specifications and Packaging Every major motherboard brand has a particular flagship board that targets overclocking on Intel’s new HEDT X99 platform. ...

1 week ago

Twitter Officially Announces the Commercial Buy Button

It has been rumoured and hinted in various ways for a while, and now it has become a hard fact. Twitter is introducing the Buy Button into their page and mobile apps. It will ...

1 week ago

Facebook Is Betting on Africa as the next Market with 100 Million Users

Facebook has been betting on the African market for some time with their accessibility initiative that we already reported on, and this strategy could now start ...

1 week ago

Win An Incredible Enermax “Ahead of the Game” Upgrade Bundle!

It’s competition time again and this week we’ve got something really special. Feeling the need to upgrade your PC? Then you’ll be glad to hear that ...

1 week ago

Police Ordered to Hand over Clones of Dotcom’s Data

In what can be described as a small victory for the New Zealand entrepreneur Kim Dotcom in his ongoing legal battle over Megaupload, the New Zealand Court of Appeal ruled ...

1 week ago

MSN Brand Relaunched

While the MSN messenger has taken it’s last breath, MSN as a brand is still alive and kicking. Microsoft has just announced the relaunch of the MSN brand into a more ...

1 week ago

eSports “Not a Sport” Says ESPN Boss

ESPN President John Skipper was asked about the recent Twitch acquisition by Amazon, as well as the general rise of eSports and the gaming scene, his reply will no doubt ...

1 week ago

MIT Demonstrate Atlas Robots New Trick

Remember the multi talented Atlas robot created by Boston Dynamics? Well it looks like it’s still being improved upon since it’s 2013 outing at the DARPA ...

1 week ago

Ryse: Son of Rome Gets Official PC System Requirements

Crytek are still working hard on porting Ryse: Son of Rome to PC. The game is currently available on Xbox One and while poor sales of the game haven’t done the company ...

1 week ago
Windows 9

Windows 9 Rumoured to Launch as “Windows”

Reports are swirling that Microsoft’s looking to change things up for its next major release of its desktop operating system – opting for the name ...

1 week ago
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Reddit Censors Links to Celebrity Photo Hack

In a controversial move, Reddit’s CEO Yishan Wong offered a blog post explaining as to why the company rarely takes down “morally objectionable or otherwise ...

1 week ago

Zowie FK1 Gaming Mouse Review

Introduction I normally look at a review sample and think “hmm, I wonder if it’s going to be any good”, but today is a little different, as I have the new ...

1 week ago

World of Warcraft Implement Robin Williams Tribute

Blizzard has promised and Blizzard has delivered. The tragic passing of the highly popular comedian and actor Robin Williams shocked many throughout the globe, it sparked ...

1 week ago

Deadmau5 v Disney – Claims Disney Stole His Music

You might have heard – Disney is on the front foot against the popular EDM DJ Deadmau5, claiming that his iconic mask is infringing on their copyrighted Mickey Mouse ...

1 week ago

Smart Cable Creates Backup of Your Phone While Charging It

Cables have been to useless for to long, at least the developers behind this smart cable thinks so. This is the first of it’s kind, a cable with build in flash memory ...

1 week ago

New Skyrim Screenshots Set Incredible New Standard

Set your graphics cards to meltdown, because the legendary Skyrim modder Gionight (actually, I’ve never heard of him, but he’s legendary now!) has shared his ...

1 week ago

Sharkoon Shark Zone Peripherals Revealed

Sharkoon are still better known for their budget friendly chassis products, but the company is looking to make a bigger push into the peripherals market with the release of ...

1 week ago

DARPA Reveal New Ground X-Vehicle Technology for Tanks

DARPA have been working hard to design new tanks that use significantly less armour in a bid to make them incredibly agile, while still making them safe for their occupants. ...

1 week ago
Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong’s Four Year World Record Broken

Anyone who’s even a little bit into video games knows about the clout surrounding Nintendo’s original Donkey Kong arcade. Top tier gamers have been battling to ...

1 week ago