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Assassin’s Creed Unity Left With 39GB Patch?!?

Console users woke up to a frightening update for Assassin’s Creed: Unity, clocking in a staggering 39GB, which is what I can only summarize as the digital equivalent of ...

4 days ago

Lian-Li PC-05S Wall Mountable Mini-ITX Chassis Review

Introduction Lian-Li is a master of aluminium chassis design. Time and time again they’ve created incredible chassis that are works of art as much as they are practical, ...

4 days ago

Nvidia Grid Review: Cloud Gaming at its Finest

Introduction The latest Nvidia Shield update launched recently, bringing the Tegra powered tablet up to version 2.0 and adding Google’s latest Android operating system, ...

4 days ago

Sony Has Sold Over 16M PlayStation 4 Consoles

According to VGChartz, Sony has sold over 16 million PlayStation 4 consoles, with 1,193,346 PS4s being sold in the Black Friday week alone. While Microsoft may have beaten ...

4 days ago

Gran Turismo 6 Features Infiniti’s Concept Vision Vehicle

Gran Turismo fans will be happy with this news, with GT6 players now being able to download the Infiniti Concept Vision Gran Turismo supercar for the PS3 exclusive driving ...

4 days ago

Windows 10 Preview Used by 1.5M Users, 30% of Which Use it Daily

Microsoft is beginning to share details on its Windows 10 operating system, through its Windows Insider Program. The software giant has noted that some 1.5 million people have ...

4 days ago

Lords of the Fallen Sequel is in Development

Fans of Bandai Namco’s ‘Lords of the Fallen’ will be pleased to know that there is a sequel in development. The news is coming from CI Games’ executive ...

4 days ago
the interview

Sony Pulls ‘The Interview’ From Cinemas After Hacker Threats

The Interview, the film that supposedly motivated the massive hack of Sony Pictures, has been pulled from its Christmas Day release after terrorist threats by the hackers. At ...

4 days ago
smart glasses

Snapchat Secretly Purchased Smart Glasses Company, Sony Hack Reveals

Leaked documents from the recent Sony hack have revealed that Snapchat secretly purchased Vergence Labs, a manufacturer of smart glasses, for $15 million earlier this year. A ...

4 days ago
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Delta URL Trick Allowed You To Use Someone Else’s Boarding Pass

A incredibly simple URL trick allowed anyone in possession of a Delta airlines online boarding pass to get hold of someone else’s pass. All the holder had to do was ...

4 days ago

Reddit Bans Users for Sharing Leaked Sony Documents

After receiving a number of takedown requests, reddit has started banning users found to have been sharing documents from the recent Sony hack. The documents include internal ...

4 days ago
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BlackBerry Classic Officially Released

BlackBerry has finally released the Classic – a device the company has been talking about for a long, long time. Well now we finally have everything we need to know ...

4 days ago
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Russian Apple Online Store Closed Over Ruble Fluctuations

A certain number of economic sanctions have been placed on Russia in the past year following its decision to annex Crimea. This has of course led to a number of issues with ...

4 days ago

Latest Sony Leaks Reveals How MPAA Want To Change DNS

It’s no secret that the MPAA are wanting to take stronger measures against piracy, but recent Sony leaks suggest they’re pushing to crack down even harder than ...

4 days ago

Is Nintendo Getting Free-Form Display Tech From Sharp?

Reports from Sankei indicate that the Sharp Corporation could be providing Nintendo with its fancy free-form display technology. The new style of LCD screens can be created in ...

4 days ago
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Make Your Own Hoverboard With 4 Leafblowers and a Skateboard

Remember that Hendo hoverboard we reported on previously? You know, the one that costs $10,000. Well as cool as it looked, not too many of us have that kind of money. That ...

4 days ago
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Spanish Sites See Drop in Traffic After Pulling Out of Google News

Well isn’t that a surprise – analysis of traffic to a number of high-profile news websites in Spain reveals that their traffic has dropped ever since Google News ...

4 days ago

Norton Develops Wireless-Blocking Jeans

Anti-virus service provider Norton has helped develop a pair of jeans capable of blocking wireless signals, designed to protect credit cards and passports from being remotely ...

4 days ago
huntkey x-power

Huntkey Debuts Odd X-Power PSUs for Europe

Huntkey Enterprise Group has unveiled its new X-Power series of power supplies, a unit that somehow appears completely out-of-place in regards to most other PSUs on the ...

4 days ago

Bill Gates Supports Immigration Increase to Improve Economy

Bill Gates has teamed up with two unlikely allies in business magnates Sheldon Adelson and Warren Buffet to beseech US Congress to pass immigration reform. The trio, in a New ...

4 days ago
credit card

Scientists Developing Unforgeable Credit Cards

Dutch scientists have created a theoretical system that could render credit cards nearly impossible to clone. Currently, credit cards are secured by numerical encryption ...

4 days ago

ASUSTOR Launches 2 and 4-Bay 50T and 51T Series NAS’

Following the release in the AS70T series, ASUSTOR is ready with four new models in the high-speed 50T and 51T Series. The four new NAS devices include the AS5002T, AS5004T, ...

4 days ago
biostar a70mgp 4

Biostar Released A70M Based A70MGP mATX Motherboard

The common problem with the entry-level APU chipsets A58 and A68H are the lack of USB3 and/or SATA3 features. Biostar has secured an exclusive on the A70M chipset and that ...

4 days ago

HGST Acquires Enterprise SSD Maker Skyera

On March 17, 2013 we reported that WD was investing a huge sum of money into the SSD sector, in fact they invested $51 Million to an Enterprise SSD manufacturer Skyera whose ...

4 days ago

Silverstone MS06 2.5″ USB3 Enclosure with Docking Station Review

Introduction Drive enclosures aren’t anything new and neither are hot-swap drive bays, but it is rare that we see the two combined in the way Silverstone has done with ...

4 days ago