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OWC Introduces USB 3.1 Dual Drive Dock

OWC introduced a new drive dock for two drives and with USB 3.1 connection, but I can't help to feel that it is somewhat a swing and miss product. But before we get to ...

6 days ago

EVGA Introduces SuperNOVA G2L Power Supply Series

EVGA introduced a new series of power supplies called the SuperNOVA G2L, and as you might have guessed by the L in the series name and the picture above, they come with ...

6 days ago

RuneScape to Auction Off Banned Players’ Inventories

Jagex, developer of fifteen year-old MMORPG RuneScape, has announced that it is introducing a new feature to the game which will allow players to bid on the inventory ...

6 days ago

Valve Bans Publisher for Suing Steam Users

A small game studio has been banned from Steam after it filed lawsuits against 100 users who left the developer’s games negative reviews. Digital Homicide, a developer ...

6 days ago

“Great Firewall of Britain” Proposed

A proposal by the UK internet watchdog National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to filter internet content at the DNS level has been dubbed the “Great Firewall of Great ...

6 days ago
deus ex mankind

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Receives a New Performance Patch

Deux Ex: Mankind Divided is a fun game with an awesome story, but it is plagued by quite a few performance issues, especially when it comes to DirectX 12. Nvidia users, in ...

6 days ago

AMD Zen Mobile Chips Apparently On Track for Q2 2017 Launch

AMD's upcoming Zen architecture could dramatically shake up the processor market and make AMD a force to be reckoned with among enthusiasts. It's a challenge given the ...

7 days ago

Indie Dev Claims Current Gen Consoles Are Not Weak

The lengthy nature of the previous console generation dramatically increased the performance deficit to the PC platform and made it challenging for developers to push the ...

7 days ago

PNY Unveils The GTX 1080 XLR8 OC Graphics Card

PNY's XLR8 range revolves around the highest quality of components and factory overclocks in the company's repertoire. Previous models such as the PNY GTX 960 XLR8 OC ...

7 days ago

Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 3 Micro-ATX Chassis Review

Introduction Cooler Master are back on eTeknix once again with their increasingly popular and impressive MasterCase series. Today we kick things off with the ...

7 days ago

Netgear Releases New 12-Bay Rackmount SMB Servers

Growing businesses need a proper storage solution at the backbone of their IT setup and Netgear's latest rack-mounted ReadyNAS could be a great choice for this. The ...

7 days ago

First Look at Metal Gear Survive Gamplay

Metal Gear Survive is a bit of a curve ball for the series, and one we are still pretty sceptical about. However, now that Konami has released a fifteen-minute video ...

7 days ago

GlobalFoundries Confirms 14nm to 7nm Transition

Earlier in the month, a surprising rumour came out from GlobalFoundries future plans. According to the report, the semiconductor foundry was planning to jump ...

7 days ago

China’s Spacebound Atomic Clock Will Stay Accurate for One Billion Years

A new Chinese space laboratory houses the world’s first cold atomic clock to operate in space, and the timekeeping device is so accurate that it will only lose one ...

1 week ago

Apple II Gets OS Update after 23 Years

23 years after its last revision, the Apple II home computer has received an operating system update. Created by programmer and retro Apple fan John Brooks, the unofficial ...

1 week ago

HP Pre-Programmed Third-Party Printer Cartridge Failure Date

On 13th September, thousands of HP printer users who had unofficial ink cartridges installed received the same failure message – “The following ink cartridges appear ...

1 week ago

EU to Introduce Free Wi-Fi For All

The European Parliament has outlined plans to bring free Wi-Fi internet to the citizens of every member state by 2020. EU President Jean-Claude Juncker unveiled the plans ...

1 week ago

Gigabyte Gaming Hardware at Target Open Day 2016

Gigabyte may produce a lot of motherboards and graphics cards, but they also tick quick a few other boxes from the gaming market. On display they had their M6900 optical ...

1 week ago

Latest High-End Gigabyte Hardware at Target Open Day 2016

Gigabyte is one of the biggest and most recognisable brands in the PC market, so it's no surprise that they rocked up with a lot of cool hardware at Target Open Day 2016. ...

1 week ago

Tenda Displays 1200M Router and More at Target Open Day

Tenda is steadily growing in popularity here in Europe, but now it looks like they're about to kick things up a gear with the introduction of their new 1200M ac router, ...

1 week ago

ASRock Motherboards on Show at Target Open Day

There's no doubt about it, ASRock produces some of the best performing and coolest looking motherboards on the market today. So we were more than happy to see them ...

1 week ago

Latest Akasa Chassis & Accessories at Target Open Day

Akasa makes some of the nicest fan-less chassis on the market today, and while they didn't have any that were entirely new, they did have their latest models out on ...

1 week ago

XFX PSUs at Target Open Day

XFX are sellers of some of the best PSUs in the business, and that's partly because they're manufactured at the same place you'll get Seasonic units, which are also some ...

1 week ago

AMD Zen CPU And Socket AM4 Has Been Pictured

After a long wait, AMD is making the final preparations for its Zen architecture launch which offers a staggering 40% IPC improvement over Excavator. The introduction of ...

1 week ago

Kingston Display Latest Hardware at Target Open Day 2016

Kingston rolled out many of their popular products at this year's Target Open Day, and the first thing that really caught our attention was this gorgeous Thermaltake P5 ...

1 week ago