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Record sales of Samsung Galaxy S II globally!

/ 6 years ago

The Samsung smartphone has shifted three million units in under two months

Although the Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy S II is very much in the shadow of the Apple iPhone, they have recently just managed to break the record for the speed of a Samsung mobile device to hit three million global sales.

The Galaxy S (original) took 85 days to achieve the 3 million units, but impressively the Galaxy S II in a harder to sell to market managed it in 55 days. That is over 54,000 sales per day!

In a short announcement from Samsung, Europe has been the big success story of late with the UK leading this. Apparently Samsung has been the most sold mobile brand for the past 17 weeks in the UK, while it already has 30% of the Austrian market and 36% of the Swiss.

Of course, how can we compare the Samsung Galaxy S II to the iPhone or even the iPad, well Apple have made their figures widely known. As such Apple sold a whopping 18.65 million iPhones in the last quarter (so 3* Galaxy S II sales figures) and sold a very impressive 4.69 million iPads in this time – while that doesn’t beat Samsung the iPad is clearly a ‘harder sell’.

While we are only really talking about one model of Samsung’s range, it does show just what it takes to beat Apple as they are their closest competitor and Apple are selling a more expensive phone 3* faster than Samsungs best.

Of course, there are also a lot of Patent disputes going on currently and it will be certainly interesting to see if any companies are forced to withdraw products from the market. We will keep you informed.

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  • Michael_L

    That picture is of the Galaxy S Original 😉

  • Leo Bien Durana

    It's selling like pancakes in my country too. ^_^

  • Grim_Reaper

    Lol. I haven't heard any negative references about Galaxy S, so far. But heard complains about each iPhone. Is Galaxy so bad? Or iphone is just big bang for big price?