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Starbucks Selling Stupidly Overpriced Gift Card for Mothers Day

/ 2 years ago


Mother’s Day is fast approaching for our US readers and if you’re like me; you still haven’t bought a thing. Well good news, Starbucks have us covered.

For the amazing price of just $200, you get a special edition metal and ceramic Starbucks Card….with just $50 pre-loaded. “For Mother’s Day, give her beautiful flowers—the ones etched into this elegant and exclusive Starbucks Card.” Why yes, my mother sure would like some flowers, hey she also likes coffee; two birds one stone…

The card does actually look quite nice and the thought of a metal/ceramic card sounds ideal; up until the point where it bends and you can no longer swipe it. The purchase is limited to 1 per customer; so I can see some complaints coming in if you have same-sex parents; the world is changing Starbucks, you better catch up.

So, for $200 you get a piece of metal and $50 pre-loaded cash to spend at Starbucks; please tell me the rest of the money is stuffed into the padding. I can’t quite tell if this is an extremely late April fools, or if Starbucks has lost its mind; either way, I’ve had a bit of a giggle.

If you’ve had a bump on the head and are interested in buying this, visit the Starbucks item page.

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  • Jerry Lafferty

    The only way a bump on the head and my money would be spent is if somebody mugged me and stole my billfold

  • iTellthetruth

    no thanks, ill just get her a free card with $50 to somewhere other than starbucks