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There is a Home Battery War Brewing

/ 2 years ago


We’re fans of the clean energy here at eTeknix, especially that brought forward by Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla. The fact that the cars can push you to 60mph in the blink of an eye (Okay maybe 3-4 blinks), is something that twigged our interests.

With the turn of the electric revolution, Tesla brought forward the “Powerwall”; a single or series of batteries that can store energy ‘for a rainy day’. They can store energy on the grid or off if you have the facilities to harness electrical energy. With the popularity of the Tesla creation, they are sold out and off the pre-order list until sometime in mid-2016.

To jump on the same wagon and steal some of the thunder, Mercedes has now designed its own home battery. The storage capacity of just 2.5kWh is lacking behind that of Tesla’s offering, these can be combined with up to 7 other home batteries to store a huge 20kWh or electricity; or twice the capacity of Powerwall.

Mercedes bosses have held this close to their chests, with the release as early as September; this might be your chance to get a home battery before the Powerwall comes available again.

Thank you to engadget for providing us with this information.

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