Win A NZXT H630 Ultra-Tower Chassis

/ 3 years ago


Today sees NZXT unveiling their latest product; the H630 Ultra-Tower chassis. Being at the forefront of technology, we made sure to team up with leading manufacturer NZXT to give one lucky reader the chance to win this new addition to their product lineup.

The new H630 has been designed to provide users with high-performing systems while keeping audio levels to a minimum due to the high-density sound dampening design that doesn’t affect its cooling performance. Check out our recent news article for full details here.


To enter this competition, we have broken things down into four steps to make it easier than ever:



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Rules and regulations:

  • The competition is open WORLDWIDE!
  • The competition ends at midnight GMT on 3rd June 2013 and winners will be notified within 7 days of the closing date
  • In the event of a dispute, eTeknix staff hold the final say and no discussions will be entered into
  • Delivery is not in the hands of eTeknix and can take some time to arrive
  • In the event that the prize is unavailable, eTeknix reserve the right to offer an alternative of equal or greater value
  • By entering this competition, you adhere to the above rules and regulations
  • Winner(s) will be announced on our competition winners page

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