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20-Minutes of Diablo 4 Footage is Released

All going well, we should finally get to see Diablo 4 release before the end of this year, and, as you might expect, there’s certainly more than a little hype surrounding it.

While many are hoping that it will be an excellent (and long-overdue) return to one of gaming’s most beloved franchises, if you want to see a build of it in action, then you’re in luck! Following a video posted on the “Gameplay PS” YouTube channel, we have 20-minutes of new in-game footage and, better still, unlike a lot of the other videos released, this comes clean without any commentary.

Diablo 4

Most of the speculation surrounding the video suggests that it has been taken from one of the more recent beta builds as it does, on the whole, look a lot more ‘finished’ than prior video releases. Showing us some of the abilities of the barbarian character, it also appears that Diablo is indeed going back to its roots with a much darker tone and setting.

Will it be any good though? Well, we do have some limited information surrounding the game.

What Do We Know So Far?

As for specific details, Blizzard has largely been keeping things rather quiet. Based on leaks and speculation, however, the following for Diablo 4 has been suggested and/or confirmed:

  • Darker and grittier environments (when compared to Diablo 3)
  • The game will require an online connection. No offline versions are expected to be made available
  • Blizzard will be using a brand new engine for the game allowing for an improved camera function
  • While the game will include microtransactions, these will be cosmetic only

As for when it will come out? Well, at the time of writing, Blizzard is still sticking with a somewhat loose 2020. Based on the overall feel of this video, however, one suspects that a release date announcement can’t be too far away!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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