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Sony Confirms Delay of PS5 “Future of Gaming” Event

Following an official announcement last week, Sony was set to hold their official PS5 ‘The Future of Gaming’ event this Thursday that would, at the very least, reveal some in-game footage from the upcoming console. We say ‘at least’ because there were also rumors more recently that Sony may have also been planning to confirm both the price and release date of the system as well.

Following a post on their official Twitter account, however, if you were eagerly awaiting the event and what news it might bring, you can officially stand down. Sony has postponed it!

Sony Postpones PS5 Event

Similar to Activision announcing the delay of Call of Duty Modern Warfare season 4 earlier today, it seems pretty clear that the decision to postpone the event is based upon the significant unrest in America (and in other parts of the world) following the death of George Floyd.

As such, the decision to ‘put back’ the announcement, while undoubtedly disappointing to many, is surely understandable.

When Do We Think it Will Happen?

It was, of course, always a matter of speculation as to what Sony was going to reveal at this PS5 “Future of Gaming” event. While pretty obvious that in-game footage running on the system was going to be shown, it will, for the moment, have to remain a mystery whether further information was going to be confirmed. With Sony not citing any specific date in which the event will now be held, I guess we’re left waiting.

Looking at this subjectively though, it’s almost certainly the correct decision. It is, after all, hard to ignore that there are much bigger issues going on in the world at the moment!

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Mike Sanders

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