$400 Per Year Google Earth Pro Now Free

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Google Earth, the humble and brilliant digital globe application, has always had a much more professional and expensive cousin. Google Earth Pro includes a host of features that have for years been used by professionals in a number of industries, including broadcasting, meteorology, urban planning and more. Whenever you’ve seen clever little videos of satellite imagery on the news, it’s most likely that it was captured with Google Earth Pro.

But Google Earth Pro has always had a very ‘pro’ price – $400 per year, expensive for those of us who would love to use its amazing video making abilities just for a little YouTube clip. But now, it’s in everyone’s reach, because Google has just made it free to all. Yes, in a decision that will make most of us Google Earth lovers rejoice, the powerful mapping application is free to download right now.

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To get it, you’ll need to go here, get a redemption code delivered to your e-mail address and then download the software for Mac or PC.

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