68% of Europeans Stream Films For Free, Legal Choices Expensive And Narrow

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A study published by the European Commission investigating the film downloading habits of European citizens has revealed some interesting results. The headline finding is that around 68% of Europeans download and watch films for free though this figure does not determine between legal and illegal methods of streaming, however, it is implied that these are mostly illegal methods. 55% of Europeans watch free streamed films via their computers or handheld devices.

Based on the findings the average European who streams films is young, urban and educated. The survey also suggests that Europeans are attracted to free streaming of films because existing content providers offer poor service, are too expensive or there is just a narrow choice. The choice of films available at nearby cinemas and distance to nearby cinemas also proved deterrents to watching media legally.

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Another key issue is that of EU media sharing – apparently 1000 films are produced within the EU each year but most of those rarely travel outside of the country within which they were made. The study was conducted by Creative Europe whose main objectives are to strengthen the demand for films, to improve their distribution across borders, and to reach new audiences in Europe and beyond.

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  1. Zeed says:

    I dont stream i download. I do like nice rips and streams usually suck

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