G.Skill announce five new dual channel PI-Series DDR3 kits

/ 8 years ago


G.Skill today have announced the launch of five new ULTIMATE dual channel PI-Series DDR3 kits. This is a fantastic move by one of the market leaders in computer memory 

These new DDR3 kits will be available up to whopping speeds of 2400MHz and are aimed at enthusiasts like ourselves.

  • F3-19200CL9D-4GBPIS 2400 MHz CL 9-11-9-28
  • F3-18400CL8D-4GBPIS 2300 MHz CL 8-11-8-28
  • F3-16000CL6D-4GBPIS 2000 MHz CL 6-9-6-24
  • F3-16000CL7D-4GBPIS 2000 MHz CL 7-9-7-24
  • F3-16000CL8D-4GBPIS 2000 MHz CL 8-9-8-24

With Intels Core i5 750 and Core i7 860 and 870 processors taking the market by storm, these memory modules have been specifically designed for them.

The top model memory works at a speed of 2400MHz with timings of 9-11-9-28 running at a very cool 1.65V. Other models include the kit that runs at 2000MHz whilst maintaining timings of 6-9-6-24.

G.Skill ahve been working closely with performance motherboard companies to ensure the best compatibility and fantastic stability. Bearing in mind, that you will need to update your motherboard to the latest BIOS version for best results.

To this date (6th Jan 2010) the only qualified motherboard is the Asus P7P55D Deluxe (Since BIOS 1207)

As with all G.Skill products, they come with a lifetime warranty as standard and come supplied in their easily recognizable black PI-Series heatsinks.

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