$750,250 Final Bid For World Largest Video Game Collection

/ 3 years ago


Michael Thomasson set the world record for having the worlds largest video game collection, as he had amassed over 11,000 unique games over the years since 1998 when he started work for a video game resale website.

Just last week, Michael put his record breaking collection up for sale, which attracted over 50 bids, including a tech world celebrity in the form of Palmer Luckey who made two bids, although he didn’t win the listing. A bidding war quickly broke out that shot the listing past the $500,000 mark, as the listing shot up by more that $250,000 in just seven hours.

Michael is now sitting pretty on $720,250 for his collection, that works out at $68 per game. The collection is obviously huge, but its real magical feature is that all the games are original and every single on is still in their original packaging!

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Michael has also included his Guinness World Record certificate along with the games, so who ever owns the games, also owns the rights to the official world record.

Personally I would rather start a collection from scratch than invest so heavily in one that was already done, as with most things in life, it is putting in the effort that makes something like this so rewarding.

Thank you The Wire for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of The Wire.

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