8 out of 10 customers choose Windows 7: Puget Systems

/ 5 years ago

Giving the user choice is a key fundamental of any business, and is one that Puget Systems use right down to the operating system, however they have noticed that only 20% of their clients are opting to try out the latest release of Windows over the ever popular Windows 7.

The company president said the following:
“Windows 7 is known, it has years of solid reputation behind it, but Windows 8 has gotten a mixed reaction in the press and social media, and the lack of a Start menu is a hot-button issue among our customers.”

To those who aren’t familiar, Puget Systems is a Washington based PC Building company that sells built-to-order PCs between $2,500 to $2,600 worth in a mix of gaming orientated and professional need systems.

While the type of customers that the company gets isn’t the same as what companies like Dell and HP usually get, it shows that a particular type of end user doesnt like the concept of changing their habits with an OS to which they’ve become familiar with over many years. Windows 7 adoption was more than welcome when it arrived because of Windows Vista’s dissatisfaction by a lot of people.

Source: Puget Systems


One Response to “8 out of 10 customers choose Windows 7: Puget Systems”
  1. Greg0986 says:

    I feel the same. Microsoft seem to make a **** OS every other release
    😛 Windows XP – Fantastic, Windows Vista – Terrible, Windows 7 –
    Amazing, Windows 8 – Well, I think you know what it is…

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